This is the page dedicated to the SEO Image Rotater WordPress plugin we have developed.

SEO Image Rotater Features

The SEO Image Rotater plugin is based off the WP-Cycle +Captions plugin with added features.

These features include:

  • The ability to create multiple instances of wp-cycle within a single installation of WordPress.
    Passing in an unique ID identifier value in the shortcode like [seo_image_rotator id="xx"]  where the ‘xx’ is equal to the ID of the rotator you want to include on a given post or page.
  • Ability to add a title to each image for SEO benefit adding the title=”example” attribute to the image tag.
  • Ability to disable to the caption of the an individual rotator instance.

The Plugin is still being verified, but here is a link to the download.

Download SEO Image Rotater

Download SEO Image Rotator for WordPress (v1.0 – latest) or from

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