How we achieved 500%, 600% and even 800% increases in sales.

Marketing can be expensive and ineffective, but it doesn’t have to be. Tried and trusted processes, lead to predictable results and success.

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Hi, I’m Robert Kramers

I love helping business owners achieve HUGE growth.

With over 15 years experience working in the trenches of digital marketing, some might say I have an unhealthy obsession…

That, and a love for a good strong coffee, which happens to be an essential ingredient in achieving our success stories. Learn more about how we helped gain 500%, 600% and even 800% increases in sales below.

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Talk soon,

Robert Kramers

Robert Kramers

Are you ready to see massive growth in your business?

Dear Business Operator,

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns that simply don’t work and cost more than they make you? Are inconsistent results crippling your ability to grow consistently?

It’s stressful, unproductive and it distracts you from what you do best.

I know because I’ve been there…

A few years back I ran a web design business, and I had a MASSIVE problem.

A problem that would ensure my business remained small, unprofitable, and provide me more stress than it was worth.

The challenge I had was being able to generate the sales I needed to move from running a part time business to running a full time business.

It was ‘feast or famine’ for me too.

Meaning I would have some projects and money…for a while

…then no projects and of course, no money.

I had to go out hunting for more work again..

Hunt for work…do the work….hunt for work….do the work.

Leads weren’t consistent.

Revenue wasn’t consistent.

Honestly, it sucked the life out of me…

…and I almost threw in the towel.

Sadly, I know I’m not alone here.

If your experience is anything like the stories I’ve heard, it’s one of confusion, dissatisfaction, missed growth plans…and stress.

It was clear I needed a way to ensure my leads were consistent and predictable to maintain cash flow and allow me to stay focused on projects and grow my business.

The system behind predictable sales and a 500%, 600% and even 800% increases in sales.

How would it feel if you were able to generate sales in a profitable, predictable, scalable and sustainable way?

Profits would skyrocket…you’d be able to increase staff bonuses (including your own!). And you’d feel confident knowing your business was supported with sustained cash flow. You wouldn’t have to spend weekends worrying about work anymore… you’d finally be able to ‘switch off’ and actually enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

There’s good news…

It turned out my website clients had exactly the same problems and needed the same solution I did…

…without going broke in the process.

Through years of website design and, later, online marketing, I mastered a strategy that we now call the PathFinder™ Methodology, that helped us bring qualified customers to our clients’ businesses who were ‘ready-to-buy’.

Pathfinder Methodology

© The PathFinder™ Methodology.

It’s a proven strategy that holds the key to the 500%, 600%, 700% and even 800% increases in sales many of our clients have been able to achieve (see below for the results).

Most importantly it addressed a root cause of failure that many other unsustainable marketing campaigns don’t:

Customers (acquired through this strategy) convert at a rate of up to 16.4% vs 1.7% from other traditional marketing methods.


It’s because this marketing strategy allows us to focus a section of the market that is actually ready to make buying decisions.

You see, most marketing, including TV, Radio, print media and even many forms of digital marketing shouts at dis-interested audiences, making it unprofitable, unsustainable and unscalable.

Our PathFinder™ Methodology helps to find, engage and convert wallet-out, ready-to-buy customers, sustainably and predictably, month to month.

But will this really work for your business?

Here is what some customers have said:

Found has helped us improve targeted traffic to our website and increase conversion rates. This has resulted in an increase in online sales by over 500%.

Ian GleghornDirector - GoVitalize

Found has been instrumental in helping us increase targeted search engine traffic. This has seen our sales growth exceed 700% in the last year.

Conrad CranfieldMD - Nature Shop

Found has helped us increase revenue from sales by well over 100%.

Lisa EbbingDirector - Hotmilk Lingerie

Found helped us with sustained growth in a very competitive market, managing to get us into the top 3 organic Google positions.

Chris CameronCMO - NZ Tax Refunds

We have also been able help clients:

  • Increase revenues by more than $1m
  • Increase online generated sales by 863%
  • Improve qualified search engine website traffic by 1131%
  • Rank their website in the top 3 positions in Google for highly competitive search phrases.

Learn more about how we deliver these results for our clients.

Brand Experience

Meet the team behind our clients’ successes.

Jamie Dalzell
Jamie Dalzell

Search Marketing Specialist

Emily Bodman

Content Marketing Specialist

Cindy Huysmans
Cindy Huysmans

Office Manager

Robert Kramers

Founder & SEO Strategist

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To your success,

Robert Kramers, Director.
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