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Struggling to convert? Super effective website hacks for turning leads into sales

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Transform your website into a hive of leads, enquiries, and sales-generating activity with these top tips…

Believe it or not…

…your leads aren’t going to magically convert themselves into sales.

It’s true!

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of nurturing and following up on leads. In fact, some businesses make the mistake of only giving leads attention when it’s convenient …

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7 Common SEO mistakes that’ll kill your leads, sales & revenue

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7 Common SEO mistakes that'll kill your leads, sales & Rrevenue

Avoid some of these easy-to-make mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to improving your website’s search ranking, organically.

Are you struggling to rank in Google?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone!

Considering the sheer volume of content being published each and every second, competition to capture your audience’s attention is growing increasingly fierce.

In fact, it …

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Google Search Console: Tracking Your Website’s Success

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Google Search Console: How to track your site's success this year!In our last post about Google Analytics I asked:

How effective a sales tool is your website?

Now, it’s time to follow up with another that’s just as important:

How well is your website performing in Google?

You see, data on site traffic and conversions is great and all, but it’s only really useful if you have traffic and views

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What Does “Bounce Rate” Mean? What is a “Bad” Bounce Rate Percentage? Bounce Rate Explained

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What does Bounce Rate mean? And why is it important?What does “Bounce Rate” mean? When a visitor land on a page on your website but doesn’t click on anything – this is called a “bounce”. Therefore, a “Bounce rate” is the percentage of your web visitors that bounce off your website without clicking on anything.

What is an example of a high “bounce rate” and what does it mean?

As a …

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Think you know the rank for your website in Google? No you don’t

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Your site's Google rankingSeems pretty easy to check doesn’t it? Just type in the keywords you rank well for, and there is your website near the top of the results…

Actually that’s not your true ranking at all!

Check again using a friends computer and you’ll get a very different result.

This can be embarrassing. I did this many times at a friends …

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The Difference Between Unique Visitors, Page Views and Hits.

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Visitors, Page Views & Hits: What's The Difference?First, the definitions:

  • Unique Visitors – The number of individuals who have visited your website. But, if a person on a dial-up connection disconnects and reconnects, they will be assigned a different IP address and therefore be counted as another unique visitor if they return to your website.
  • Visitor – The number of visitors who have visited your website. But,
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