Less tire kickers, more customers: Gain more targeted web traffic, easily!

Not all traffic is created equal. Find out how to boost your website’s relevance and rankings and gain higher-converting traffic (the best kind).

By Jessie Elvy

Published on April 11, 2019
Less tire kickers, more customers: Gain more targeted web traffic, easily!

Get more of the traffic your business needs and less of the kind it doesn’t with these tips.

Ask any business what the top goal for their website is…

…chances are they’ll reply with a “Converting more customers!” or “Increasing revenue!”.

Only without targeted website traffic, you won’t be doing either of those.

That’s because not all web traffic is created equal.

Focussing on pure volume can, quite literally, prove costly.

So how do you get more of the traffic that really matters? You know, the kind that you can convert into leads, enquiries, and ultimately sales? Keep reading as we bring you some proven ways to entice more customers and less tire kickers to your website.

1Check the relevance and popularity of your keywords

It’s true, keywords are…well, the key to unlocking more traffic.

But the kind of keywords you’re using are just as important!

It can be all too easy to optimise your website for terms that are far too general and broad. While this might leave you with some impressive looking traffic stats, it’s unlikely to do much for sales.

When it comes to sale-focused terms?

The more targeted, the better!

So ditch broad terms in favour of niche variations and combinations, such as:

  • Location-specific e.g. KEYWORD + ‘New Zealand’ or ‘NZ
  • Sales focussed e.g. KEYWORD + ‘Buy Online’ or ‘For Sale
  • Service related e.g. KEYWORD + ‘Services’ or ‘Provider

Which brings us to…

2Target long tail keywords

Ranking well in search for your major terms might take a while.

This is particularly true if you’re in a competitive industry.

In the meantime? Consider targeting long-tail keywords. These are the keywords that consist of at least three words and account for a majority of web searches targeting niche demographics. Such as those we outlined above.

If you’re not targeting them as part of your SEO?

You’re missing out!

There are many tools out there that will help you find them, but Google Keyword Planner is a good place to start. As is Keyword Tool and KWFinder. Simply enter a handful of terms related to your product or service, and it’ll spit out related phrases that might be your key to attracting more customers.

3Optimise your pages effectively

So, you’ve used these terms to write a primo piece of content…

…only, you’re not sure if your keywords and content align.

Targeted web traffic often comes from pages that deliberately zero in on a given topic. So when you’re optimising these pages, sprinkling these terms throughout your content really is the icing on the cake.

For example, add a ‘New Zealand’ to the end of your title tags if you’re a local supplier. Offer free shipping with online orders? Add that to your Meta Description to entice more paying customers.

As for your major terms?

Be specific!

If you’re an accountant, you’re not an ‘Auckland Accounting NZ’…

…that doesn’t sound all that interesting, does it?

No, you’re ‘Auckland’s Leading Accounting Service Providers’.

Now that’s more like it.

4Create valuable content

The reason successful companies gain a large amount of targeted web traffic is because they know how to create content based on exactly what their audience wants.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

So instead of another cookie-cutter piece of content, really dig into your customers’ pain points and start answering pressing questions, providing solutions to problems, and showing that you’re the expert.

With a relevant content strategy, you’ll attract the right visitors to your site.

5Write irresistible headlines and Title Tags

Headlines present the crucial moment where a user decides whether or not they are going to click on your link and follow it through to your content. Did you know that only 20% of users ever read past the headline?

So that heading had better be show stopping.

Without a compelling headline you are just another site among millions that will go unread.

6Contribute content to other sites

Here’s the thing…

…potential customers can’t visit your site if they don’t know it exists.

It’s really that simple.

Boosting your brand recognition within your niche and ranking well for your most lucrative terms are both great ways to increase your online visibility. And what better way to achieve both of these goals than with Guest Blogging!

You can benefit significantly from publishing high-quality content that reaches out to users and creates value. So long as you stick to a few guidelines regarding who you write for, contributing worthwhile content to other sites within your niche is a great way to tap into the traffic you need.

7Make sure your site is fast

Slow page speed not only negatively affects your ability to rank well in Google, it also greatly impacts your bounce rate. That is, the number of people who visit your site and then leave without digging in any further.

So while you may be attracting the right traffic…

…there’s a chance your website could be turning them away!

Thanks to the new Florida 2 algorithm update, your website is now more than ever ranked on page load speed to ensure a better user experience. The snappier your website? The higher the chance both Google – and your potential customers – will give it a chance.

8Ensure your site is responsive

Mobile devices are now the top choice for users browsing for content, products and services. So if users are forced to pinch and zoom their screen to be able to read your website…

…well, you just lost a customer.

Ensure your website is performing well, is accessible and provides comfortable viewing across all devices.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test is a great way to check your site!

Keep your foot on the gas

So, do you know what the difference is?

Between sites with a lot of traffic, and those that actually convert?

It’s simple:

Relevance and rankings!

Yes, increasing your targeting website traffic can be a slow process, but with a few simple tweaks to your current online strategy you could be gaining the traction you need to draw in more customers in no time!

Jessie Elvy

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