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[2019 Update] NZ Business Directories: List of ALL & Mostly Free New Zealand Online Directories

By February 4, 2018 August 21st, 2019 99 Comments

The complete list of *all* online New Zealand business directoriesToday we were asked for our list of the best free online New Zealand business directories.

First up? There’s something you should know about free online directories: yes, they may provide a free link back to your website, which can help with search engine opimisation. But they can still cost you the most precious resource of all.


You see, some registration processes can take up to 30 minutes to work through. So does the pay-off in terms of a high quality back link really justify the cost of your labour? The truth is, sometimes it doesn’t.

So how do you know which business directories are worth your time?

Well, you’re in luck as Found’s list is here to help!

Note: We’ve recently taken the time to update this list, adding even more directories that you can use for your business.

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Definitive List of The Best FREE Online New Zealand (NZ) Directories

  1. Google My Business
    • Creating your Google My Business account my take a little time, but it’s an essential ingredient in local SEO and boosting your rankings in Google’s search results. So it’s well worth the time!
    • Another global directory with a site dedicated to NZ businesses. Yelp offers more than just a great listing opportunity: it lets users review your business, which can further boost your search rankings.
    • In my opinion the very best online directory in New Zealand. An official Google partner. Automatic submission to Google Maps & Easy to use. Good looking profile pages
    • A global directory, iBegin has a sub-directory dedicated to NZ businesses. High ranking and with a quick sign up process, too.
    • Impressive presence in for a variety of searches.
    • Very cool map-based business directory.
    • Global directory, with dedicated subdomains to New Zealand cities.  Free text in the description field, so you can add hyperlinks (this is rare!).
    • Web directory for NZ and AU businesses. Quick and easy sign up process. Sites are listed quickly.
    • “In growing stages, clean/sharp graphics, up to date functions. Promising” – [Thanks to James for his review]
    • A unique, map based directory with a focus on location, street view and social networks. Highly rated. Quick submission process.
    • With a high PR rating and an increasing number of users, Localist is the perfect place to list your business. Can add images, obtain reviews and be shared by the Localist community.
  12. (NZ Small Business Directory & Travel Guide)
    • A little long in the tooth, NZSBD is still worthy of your time. Though expect a bit of a wait before your business listing appears on the site.
    • Easy to use and with a great design, adding your business to Gopher is a super fast process that takes a matter of minutes.
    • A high ranking site whose submission process can be completed in just seconds. Business descriptions are only shown if you upgrade to a paid listing, but Google still sees them so it’s a win/win for your rankings!
    • A great modern directory. Sign up process is quick and painless.
    • A quality directory with a somewhat involved submission process. Still worth the time if you have it. Also pulls businesses from other directories, so check for yours first!
    • Not the highest ranking directory in the list, but still well worth your time.
    • Painless listing process and a quality directory to boot.
    • Listings are easy to create. Good range of categories.
    • A simple, bare-bones directory that offers both free and paid options.
    • A New Zealand owned and operated business directory. Serves both NZ and AU businesses.
    • Don’t let the sometimes shaky website fool you, this is a great free directory. Easy to use.
    • This global directory does feature country-specific categories, including New Zealand! Users are also able to leave comments and reviews.
    • Billed as ‘Your social community network’, WowCity connects businesses with online shoppers. Worth a look.
    • A no-nonsense directory. Lots of room for additional information like payment methods, products and services, and customer reviews.
    • Slick and well-presented, Opendi’s listing process is straightforward and painless!

List Of The Best Industry-Specific NZ Directories

Green / Eco Friendly

    • A simple directory perfect for green, eco or environmentally friendly businesses. Basic listings are free.


    • This is a must-see directory for any Kiwi business operating in the tourism or travel sector. What are you waiting for?!
    • 23 years on, and this travel directory is still going strong. Well worth a look.
    • Another directory that should be at the top of any tourism operator or travel site’s list.

List Of The Best Location Specific NZ Directories

Most directories sort your business into a location-specific category. But better than this? Directory sites that are devoted to a given region, town or city.

Listing your business with these directories further boosts your relevancy, and increases your visibility within lucrative local searches.


    • A highly ranked business directory perfect for Auckland businesses. Membership is free for anyone who owns or operates a business on commercially rated property within Auckland’s boundaries. A great way to kickstart your Auckland-specific SEO.
    • Quality directory dedicated to Auckland’s suburb of Devonport.
    • A directory for Mangere Bridge, located in Manukau Harbour. Listings are free and easy to submit.


    • This niche directory is reserved for members of the Rosebank Business Association. If you happen to be eligible, keep it in mind!


    • This directory does not include a link back to your website. Can still contribute to your local SEO as it lists your Name, Address and Phone (NAP).

Hawke’s Bay

    • An exhaustive list of businesses located in the Hawke’s Bay. Listing process is quick and easy.


    • Anything and everything Queenstown. Including a directory of businesses. Requires a quick email to set up an account. Listing process is otherwise straightforward.


    • Directory for Raglan’s businesses. Option to be listed in the hardcopy print edition, too!


    • If your business operates in Otago? This is the place to be. No submission form on the site, so just shoot them an email.


    • A niche Christchurch directory dedicated to accommodation and travel. Not currently accepting submissions, so check back later!

List of The Best Paid NZ Directories

For the sake of completeness we thought we would start to list “paid-inclusion” directories, too. So here they are!

    • One of the highest-ranking NZ directories around. Can be well worth the price of admission.
    • A sleek, modern directory. Listing prices are a little higher than others.
    • A relatively new directory site that’s growing fast. Quality, modern design. Adding your business is even faster! Includes the rare ability to add extra links within description text.
    • A once free directory, BizNZ has since switched to a paid service. Depending on your budget, this may still be worth a look.
    • Another free directory that now charges for listings. Site also allows users to leave reviews and add business to their favourites.
    • Upwards of 15,000 businesses and counting. Listing requires PayPal checkout.
    • It might look a little dated, but New Zealand Hub is still worth checking out if you find you’re short of listing opportunities.

NZ Directories That ARE NOT Worth Your Time

  1. &
    • 5 years ago these directories were great because there was little else to choose from, but the web developers abandoned it long ago and it has slowly rotted away.  Badly in need of an overhaul.
    • Crude, old, but effective (Page Rank 6!). But I have had no response to my requests for additions for over 6 months.
    • Demands a reciprocal link
    • “Clean/sharp graphics, up to date functions, PR 5 with a lots of categories with PR 4/3, Alexa rank isn’t too bad either” – [Thanks to James for his review]
    • An otherwise well-ranked directory site that is quickly filling up with a number of spam links. Looks old and outdated. Worth skipping.
    • Requires a reciprocal link.
    • Another that requires a reciprocal link!
    • An otherwise quality map-based directory. Map functions appear to be broken when adding a listing.
    • A ghastly B2B site with no option to add a link to your site within a listing.
    • A low ranking site that charges far more than others for a comparable listing. Look elsewhere first.

NZ Directories That Are No Longer Active

    • At the very end of the submission process you get an “Internal Server Error”
    • Been “undergoing maintenance” for quite some time now
    • Not accepting new links anymore
    • No longer accepting links until February 2016.
    • While the site is still accepting listings, these don’t appear to be being added to the site.
    • Site is dead.
    • Formerly a directory dedicated to Auckland’s North Shore. Now a jeans store!
    • Site is no longer available.
    • Appears to be inactive. Old and outdated.
    • Site no longer exists.

Other NZ Directories That I’m Yet To Review

Have you used any of these directories? Then feel free to write a short review in the comments below and we’ll include it in our article!


Why is it important to add your website to these business directories?

So, your website has been designed and you’re looking to get some traffic to it.

Listing your website in directories may not have the power other link building techniques have. That said, they still provide huge benefits. There is still a very solid correlation that listing your business in niche and regional directories results in better indexing of your website and typically improves your search engine ranking, if submitted correctly.

The best place to start your link building is by using human edited directories because Google favours them above automated spammy directories.

Our Criteria For The Best NZ Directories

To get on the official list above, the directory must meet most of these criteria:

  1. Does Google like it?
    • Does the directory often appear in Search Engine Results for a variety of NZ searches?
    • How good are the directories own Search Engine Rankings?
    • What SEO techniques does the directory use?
  2. Is the process of adding my website to the directory easy, intuitive and quick?
  3. Will it provide a clean hyperlink to my website?
    • “No-follow” hyperlinks are of little use to us
    • Redirection “tracker” hyperlinks are not as good
  4. Is the website approval time short?
  5. Are the other websites in the directory high quality? (Eg, have the webmasters let spammy websites through?)

Is There a New Zealand Directory Missing From Our List?

Let me know in the comments below!