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Do You Name Your Website Images With Keywords to Improve Your Rank in Google and the SEO of Your Website?

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Do you name your images with keywords? Here's why you shouldMost people don’t bother putting some thought into naming the images they upload to their websites.

That is precisely why you should.

By default, images have got automatically generated names like “img001.jpg” or “1234567.jpg”.

And most web developers will name your template images with names such as “header.jpg” and “footer.jpg”, rather than take the opportunity to insert some keywords such …

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What Are BackLinks? How Can Back Links Improve Your Google Rank?

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What are backlinks? And how can they improve your site's ranking?

Firstly, What are Back Links?

A back link (or “inbound link“) is any hyperlink coming back to your website.

From the Google Search Engine’s point of view, each backlink scores a point for your website.  In effect it is saying “this website is worth a visit, go and check it out!”.  After-all, the internet is built on hyperlinks.…

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Think you know the rank for your website in Google? No you don’t

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Your site's Google rankingSeems pretty easy to check doesn’t it? Just type in the keywords you rank well for, and there is your website near the top of the results…

Actually that’s not your true ranking at all!

Check again using a friends computer and you’ll get a very different result.

This can be embarrassing. I did this many times at a friends …

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The Difference Between Unique Visitors, Page Views and Hits.

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Visitors, Page Views & Hits: What's The Difference?First, the definitions:

  • Unique Visitors – The number of individuals who have visited your website. But, if a person on a dial-up connection disconnects and reconnects, they will be assigned a different IP address and therefore be counted as another unique visitor if they return to your website.
  • Visitor – The number of visitors who have visited your website. But,
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What domain names (website addresses) should you buy?

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Domain NameThe following article answers 4 common questions:

  1. “Do I need, .com,, .mobi and others?”
  2. “Should our domain name just be our brand name?”
  3. “Should our domain name have keywords in there too?”
  4. “What about miss-spellings?”

1. “Do I need, .com,, .mobi and others?”

It depends on 2 things:

  1. Where is your target audience?
  2. What domain names
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What’s the difference between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

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Search Engine Optimisation vs Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the selection of phrases that you want to rank highly for and inserting those phrases in several areas of your website so when search engines such as Google crawl your website with their robots (bots), they come to the conclusion that your website is the right place to send visitors.


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