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What Does “Bounce Rate” Mean? What is a “Bad” Bounce Rate Percentage? Bounce Rate Explained

What does Bounce Rate mean? And why is it important?What does “Bounce Rate” mean? When a visitor land on a page on your website but doesn’t click on anything – this is called a “bounce”. Therefore, a “Bounce rate” is the percentage of your web visitors that bounce off your website without clicking on anything.

What is an example of a high “bounce rate” and what does it mean?

As a … Continue Reading

Who is Search Engine Optimisation For? The Robots or Humans?

Who is Search Engine Optimisation for? Robots or Humans?When you first started learning about Search Engine Optimisation, you probably thought its all about employing techniques and tactics to manipulate the search engines (such as Google) into placing your website higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).

On the surface, that is true, but you shouldn’t lose touch with Google’s objective: “to put the page that Continue Reading

Do You Name Your Website Images With Keywords to Improve Your Rank in Google and the SEO of Your Website?

Do you name your images with keywords? Here's why you shouldMost people don’t bother putting some thought into naming the images they upload to their websites.

That is precisely why you should.

By default, images have got automatically generated names like “img001.jpg” or “1234567.jpg”.

And most web developers will name your template images with names such as “header.jpg” and “footer.jpg”, rather than take the opportunity to insert some keywords such … Continue Reading

What Are BackLinks? How Can Back Links Improve Your Google Rank?

What are backlinks? And how can they improve your site's ranking?

Firstly, What are Back Links?

A back link (or “inbound link“) is any hyperlink coming back to your website.

From the Google Search Engine’s point of view, each backlink scores a point for your website.  In effect it is saying “this website is worth a visit, go and check it out!”.  After-all, the internet is built on hyperlinks.… Continue Reading