Exports made easy: How SEO overcomes the challenges of International Marketing

Tapping into international markets may seem daunting, but SEO offers a smart solution. It connects you to global audiences, identifies competitors, builds brand recognition, and delivers a reliable ROI.

By Jessie Elvy

Published on June 20, 2019
Exports made easy: How SEO overcomes the challenges of International Marketing

Putting your business on the world (wide web) stage doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Here’s how…

It’s true…

…going global isn’t easy.

In fact, tackling the local market is difficult enough.

Let alone the scale, scope, and the sheer cost of stepping outside of your comfort – and time – zone, without any guarantees of a return on your initial investment.

Have you considered…

  • Language and translation requirements?
  • International market considerations, changes, or legal issues?
  • A whole new range of competitors?

And the list goes on…and on…and on…

But whether you’ve got the local market cornered, are looking to grow, or think there’s opportunity to be found in greener foreign grasses, there’s a multitude of reasons to be looking to expand your business.

The question then, is…how?

SEO is the smart, sustainable choice for marketing internationally

There’s one form of marketing that’s uniquely placed to address these issues.

A form of marketing that could hold the key to unlocking a worldwide audience…

…even better? It’s at your fingertips!

That’s right, it’s Search Engine Optimisation.

You see, traditional marketing sees you doing all the heavy lifting.

But why build new bridges when the internet has already bridged those vast physical distances so your international audience is just a Google search away?

Only if you’re using Search Engine Optimisation effectively, that is!

Here’s how…

1. An international audience, right at your fingertips

Technology often gets a bad wrap…

…but it also gives you the ability to connect with your audience.

That doesn’t change when you’re looking to step outside of your local area.

In fact, it only becomes that much more worthwhile. There’s no need for flashy advertising campaigns or expensive marketing gimmicks. With an online presence that’s well optimised for your international audience’s search terms, you can start accessing a global customer base in next to no time.

It also ensures you’re investing in the right terms, products, and services. Just because your local audience prefers a particular product or service, doesn’t mean an international audience will follow suit.

Everyone’s tastes are different!

What to do next..

By throwing keywords associated with your products and services into tools like the Google Keyword Planner or KWFinder, changing the ‘Location’ to your target country, and then hitting ‘Go!’, you’ll be able to make informed decisions before you start, not after you begin.

Validating your market like this could save you time, effort, and a lot of money!

2. Easily identify international competitors

Success in business relies a lot on what you’re doing…

…but it also has a lot to do with what your competitors are up to, as well.

  • How do your products or services stack up?
  • What about the pricing?
  • Are you standing out from the crowd, or just one of many sheep?

When you’re marketing locally, your competitors are all too familiar.

But when you decide to dip your toe into international waters?

You’re facing a much larger range of, well, much larger competitors!

Traditionally this requires a lot of boots-on-the-ground work compiling information on just what they’re up to, and where your business fits in the grand scheme of things.

But these days?

They’re a search away!

So use your target terms in international searches, and track down the names you’ll be going up against. In seconds you’ll be able to sift through a bunch of market research and find out just what you need to do to outrank and outperform your competitors.

3. Establish brand recognition outside of your home country

Brands spend years building name recognition.

It’s why the big names are…well, the big names.

Doing the same can be difficult. Building trust is hard. Boosting your reputation, even more difficult. Especially when you’re operating outside of your local comfort zone.

Digital marketing strategies like SEO and content marketing may be focused on boosting your search rankings, but a major way they do this is by building your brand.

Talking about a potential customer’s pain points, offering solutions, and providing insider knowledge is a great way to build your reputation among your audience.

The more reputable you are, the more traffic you receive, and more sales you’ll make!

4. A more reliable return on your investment

Imagine for a second there was no digital marketing…

…scary, right?

How would you get your product or service in front of customers?

You probably wouldn’t.

Digital marketing is your fast track to an international audience. It’s also a more cost-effective one, too. In fact, Search Engine Optimisation leads any other form of online marketing in terms of return on investment.

It’s the smart, cost-effective way to reach a global audience.

5. Translating content for international audiences is that much easier

There are some 6,000+ languages in the world.

Depending on your target market, going international might involve a few of those!

The trouble is, traditional marketing can prove costly in this regard. Billboards? TV Advertisements? Radio Spots? They all need to be translated, re-printed, or re-recorded. The costs can quickly skyrocket.

Digital and search marketing makes this that much easier. Text is far easier to translate, multiple, country-specific websites are simple to set up, and targeting the right region is easy if you know how with location-specific domain names and language tags.

Expanding overseas is easy with SEO

When it comes to growing your business, digital marketing and SEO provides invaluable opportunities and insights into foreign competitors, markets, and customers without the hefty investment or potential risks. So when you’re thinking of going global, think SEO.

Jessie Elvy

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