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Short-Lived SEO Results? Why Sustainability Is KEY To Sales Success

Short-lived SEO results? Why sustainability is *key* to sales successIt’s a long way to the top when you’re riding a roller-coaster of rocky results.

People spend much of their lives gunning for the top.

If you’re a climber, for example, perhaps the literal top of the world – Mt Everest – is where you want to be?

A tennis player? Well, chances are a tournament win or a #1 ranking keeps you going.

And if you’re a business? That top spot in Google search results is your ultimate aim.

Goals like these are good, but…what happens when you get there?

Any sporting great will tell you that defending the top spot is that much harder than getting there in the first place.

Now imagine they’d used shady SEO tactics to propel you to the top of Google!

It just so happens less-than-reputable SEO agencies are STILL doing just this.

As quickly as you see results, you’ll fall from the top quicker than a downhill skier at the Olympics.

What’s more, the crash landing at the bottom can be painfully brutal for you and your business.

This is why a methodical, sustainable approach to achieving results is always the best way to go. It can take a little longer, but the results are sustainable and will provide long term value for your business.

What’s the issue?

Here are some scenario’s:

  • You’ve been penalised by one of Google’s algorithm updates, preventing you from getting any traffic from non-paid search results.
  • Your agency was using underhanded tactics that caused issues.
  • You were with a large agency that used too many automated processes which can be dangerous for sustainable, long-term results.

What should I look for?

  • Sustainable SEO is not cheap, as there is little room for ‘run o’ the mill’ shortcuts if you want long-term results.
  • Ensure you’re paying for the right activities: a regular focus on customer-centric content creation is key.
  • Make sure there’s a strong focus on your customer and converting visitors into leads, enquiries, and sales.
  • Understand how and where an agency is going to develop the reputation of your website through third party endorsement (links, local directories, mentions etc).

What questions should I ask?

  • What is your process?
  • What link building strategies do you use?
  • Will the links you develop for our website remain after we finish up our contract, or will you remove them?
  • What do you do to ensure our website is generating meaningful leads rather than just traffic?