Is SEO Dead? – Debunking Myths And Providing Insight For 2023 And Beyond

SEO is not dead. Debunking myths and embracing the digital marketing landscape. Discover why SEO is thriving and crucial for your online success in 2023 and beyond.

By Megan Smith
Content Marketing Specialist

Published on September 20, 2023
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The question: “Is SEO Dead?” has been doing the rounds in the digital marketing realm for years. However, as 2023 draws to a close and with 2024 on the horizon, it’s important to clarify that SEO is far from extinct. Instead, it has evolved and adapted to the constant changes of the internet.

There is no time like the present to explore why some people may think that SEO is long gone, paired with why it still thrives and why it should remain an essential part of any business strategy to gain online success.

Is SEO Long-Gone? 

Not at all.

The strategies and technologies businesses now have at their disposal continue advancing. The internet, specifically search engines like Google, constantly evolves to serve users’ needs better. Yes, these have led to many changes over the years, with some businesses experiencing setbacks. Still, they are all driven by improving the quality of search results and the user experience. Despite these changes, SEO has not only survived but continues to play a pivotal role in the online world.

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Why Do People Think SEO Is A Thing Of The Past?  

There are a handful of reasons that contribute to the misconception; let’s take a look at some of them:

The Techniques They’re Using Don’t Work 

Most people believe they are applying the best SEO strategies but are disappointed by not achieving the desired results. This frustration can stem from outdated tactics. SEO is dynamic and is implemented using a multi-faceted approach. Staying up to date with the latest trends and algorithms is crucial for success.

They Don’t Get Immediate Results  

SEO is a long-term strategy, and it can take several months to start seeing noteworthy results. Some SEO agencies employ black hat tactics and make false promises to secure more business to the detriment of their clients. Quick wins are unsustainable and can even harm your site’s rankings. Patience is key when it comes to SEO.

There Are A Mixed Bag Of Digital Marketing Strategies To Try 

With an impressive selection of digital marketing tactics that include social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing, people may question the validity of SEO. However, SEO can complement these tactics and supply a robust foundation for those seeking a spot at the top of Google’s listings. 

Why SEO Will Continue To Feature Now And In 2024  

SEO continues to play an enormous part in online marketing for numerous reasons, they are: 

High Return On Investment  

Compared to the traditional method, organic search results have a close rate of around 15% higher than the 2% close rate of conventional marketing practices. 

It Gives You A Competitive Edge    

Many competitors are likely to invest in SEO, irrespective of what industry you find yourself in. SEO helps to give you a competitive edge, making you stand out and attract leads.

Search Engines Aren’t Going Anywhere 

Did you know that Google processes over 99,000 searches per second? If you need more convincing, that’s 8.2 billion per day, meaning only one thing, SEO is still and will continue to play a fundamental part in our lives; hence, SEO is a MUST!

But with all these facts, figures, and persuasive talk, you may still be left with the burning question of…

How do I make it work for me?

  • Keep up with algorithm updates and industry trends to adapt your SEO strategy.  
  • Study the strategies of successful competitors within your industry to find opportunities and give you that competitive edge.  
  • Working with an experienced digital marketing agency like Found can help you skyrocket your online success by implementing custom-made solutions and campaigns that drive results.  

Here are some handy tools to get you started… 

  • Google Analytics – For tracking and reporting on website traffic. 
  • Google Search Console – Allows you to troubleshoot your site’s visibility on Google.  
  • Semrush – A complete SEO tool that can help you with keywords, competitor analysis and more. 
  • Ahrefs – A universal SEO tool that helps with link building, competitor analysis, site audits and more.  
  • Moz – All-in-one SEO software.  
  • SEOquake – A free plugin that provides users with important metrics.  
  • Mangools – A bundle of 5 super SEO tools essential to start ranking and optimise your site.  
  • WordTracker – Keyword research tool. 

Why Consider Professional SEO Agency Help 

Investing in SEO can give you the upper hand, including:

  • Expertise in specialised areas of SEO such as off-page, local, and technical SEO.    
  • By outsourcing this aspect of your marketing, you save time with tasks that touch on keyword research, content creation and backlinking.
  • With specialised tools, ROI (return on your investment) tracking is improved. 
  • You get the most out of your budget as SEO plans and tactics are cost-effective compared to in-house teams. 

Types Of SEO Services 

SEO services can vary from company to company and are unique to your needs.

Standard SEO services include:

  • Local SEO – Optimising your site and local listings for local searches.  
  • E-Commerce SEO – Optimising your site for online shopping.  
  • SEO Audits – Identifying and fixing SEO issues on your website.  
  • Google Analytics 4 – Help with the transition to GA4.  
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – Increase your site’s conversion rate to get more customers.  
  • Content Marketing – Generate online authority and gain traffic with research-backed strategies.  

If partnering with an SEO agency seems like the right decision, look for the following deliverables in their services… 

Custom Strategy  

A personalised approach tailored to your business goals and audience.

SEO Audit  

See an in-depth evaluation of your current SEO strategy and website.  

Off-page Optimisation  

Optimisation of factors outside of your site that influence search rankings, like nurturing backlink opportunities.  

On-page Optimisation

Optimising on-site elements like headings, title tags, content, site architecture, page speed, and user experience. 

On-Going Optimisation

Continuous improvements to your SEO strategy based on performance data. 

Monthly Reporting

Regular reports detailing the results of the campaigns recommended for your business.

ROI Tracking

Measure the return on investment generated by SEO strategies.

Word of advice…

Do not go for cheap SEO plans. These services are often pegged as affordable but tend to promise unrealistic results and often underdeliver or not deliver.


It’s recommended that you seek the services of an agency for long-term site health and ongoing SEO campaigns.

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Let’s address some frequent questions about the future of SEO.

Will SEO Still Be Here In 2030? 

Yes, as of 2023, SEO will remain a vital part of online marketing. 

Many businesses continue to rely on its benefits to reach and engage with their target audience.

Will SEO Keep Evolving? 

Yes, so long as search engines and technology advance, so will SEO.

Staying adaptable and informed will help you navigate the fog and make the best decisions regarding your business.

Is There A Place For SEO In The Future?  

Yes, SEO aligns with search engines’ goals of delivering the best results for their users.

As long as people continue to search for services, products, and information, then there will always be a place for SEO.

How Long Does SEO Take To Work? 

You’re looking at easily between 4 to 6 months.

Timelines change and depend on your industry, website, plan, and the agency you are doing business with.

SEO’s Everlasting Impact 

In conclusion, SEO is here to stay for a long time. The evolution of this strategy is an essential part in marketing, and to succeed, you’ll need SEO not only to optimise your site but to stay in tune and adaptable with online trends. 

Experience Online Growth With Found

Partnering with a digital marketing agency like Found will strengthen your online endeavours and allow you to embrace SEO’s capabilities fully so that you can continue to grow your online presence and hit those goals you’ve always had in mind. 

Leverage your search engine marketing with Found – your trusted digital marketing and SEO specialist in New Zealand. Speak to one of our consultants and let’s help you get and stay ahead of the competition and the trends.


Megan Smith

Content Marketing Specialist
Megan is a seasoned digital marketer at Found, specialising in creating compelling content strategies that boost brand visibility and business growth.
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