NZ Business Directories: The Complete List (Updated 2023)

Promote your business and boost your SEO with our complete list of all – and mostly free! – online New Zealand Business Directories!

We’re often asked for our go-to link building strategies.

While there are countless ways to promote your website…

…online business directories are still a great place to start!

Business directories are a popular option because they provide a free link back to your site which is great for boosting your local search rankings, but they can often end up costing something much more valuable: time.

So, how do you know which ones are worth your time and effort? You’re in luck!

Today we’re sharing our complete list of all 95 New Zealand directories.

We’ve also included:

  • Tips for writing the best directory profile.
  • A step-by-step guide to submitting your site.
  • Strategies we use to maximise the benefit of each listing for our clients.

Let’s get started!

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So, What Is A Business Directory?

Do you remember The Yellow Pages?

No? Hmm. What about The White Pages?

Ok, so maybe we’re showing our age just a little!

An online business directory is a website that gathers together a list of businesses including their contact details, and – most importantly – a link to your website so it’s easier for people to find what they’re looking for.

Before You Begin…

Building links to your site is a great way to improve your presence in search engines, but promoting a site that hasn’t been optimised is like trying to win a car race without wheels. Check out our SEO Optimisation Guide For New Zealand Businesses to get started. It’s free!

Why Is It Important To Add My Website To These Directories?

Business directories are a great way to start promoting your website.

While directories may have less impact on a site’s search position than a link gained via Content Marketing, they still increase trust, authority, and local search rankings.

That is, if they’re written and submitted correctly…

Did You Know…

They say variety is the spice of life…and the same is true of your website’s links. Not all backlinks should be from any one source, which is why even well-established sites benefit from the odd Business Directory.

How To Write The Perfect Business Directory Profile

Think of a business directory as a bit of an elevator pitch.

It’s your chance to talk to potential customers and let them know all about you…

…well, not everything of course.

The perfect business directory profile is between 150 – 200 words long and perfectly summarises what your business is, what it does, and how it can help your potential customers.

Aim to follow this loose formula when writing a profile:

  • Introduction
    Ask a question, discuss an issue, or make a promise relating to your customer.
  • Body
    Quickly introduce who you are, what you do, and your products or services.
  • Details
    Discuss how your products and services help address your customer’s issues.
  • Outro
    Tell the customer what to do next such as visit your website or give you a call.

Feeling A Little Lost? Check Out This Example…

Profiles can be a little tricky to write at times…

…especially when you’re writing about yourself or your business!

Here’s an example of one of Found’s own profiles:


Do you want to grow your business’s leads and sales?


Found is New Zealand’s digital search specialist, providing businesses at home and abroad with leading digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, and Google Ads that find, engage, and convert more of their audience into customers.


With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Found is able to tailor a bespoke marketing campaign for each and every one of its clients whether they're in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, or abroad to provide a sustainable and profitable return on marketing investment.


Profitably increase revenue by up to 700% with Found. Call 0800 81 80 81 or visit the website to book your free discovery session and find out how Found can help you grow your business.

How To Submit An Online Business Directory

Submitting your business to an online directory couldn’t be easier.

In fact, we’ll show you how by setting up one of our own!

Keep reading:

  1. Click on one of the business directories in our list – in this example we’ll be using Enroll Business.
  2. Select the ‘List Your Business’ button – this will differ from site to site.
  3. Set up a new user profile.
  4. Activate your account and then return to the ‘List Your Business’ page.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts and fill out the required fields. This often includes:
    1. Address
    2. Business Name
    3. Contact Details
    4. Category
    5. Business Description (copy this over from the previous section!)
  6. Directories will often ask for Keywords that relate to your business. Add 3 – 5 relevant terms relevant to your business’s products or services.
  7. Submit the listing and, if required, confirm through your email.
  8. Some directories allow you to add additional information once the profile is live so don’t forget to update yours with a Profile Picture, Images, Payment Types, and Opening Hours.

Don’t Forget…

…to keep track of your listings! There are so many in this list that it can be difficult to remember which ones you’ve used.

3 Ways To Maximise The Benefits Of Every Listing!

Check The Directory For Existing Listings

Additional listings don’t provide your site with any extra value.

Some directories pull your business data from Google My Business or similar sources and add them to their sites automatically, while others let regular users suggest new businesses themselves.

Here are a few easy ways to check:

  1. Search the directory using your business’s name:
  2. These searches aren’t always reliable, so check with Google using the following search string:

Did You Know…

Just because a profile already exists doesn’t mean it’s complete. Existing profiles many only feature basic information like your business name. Directories often include a way to claim or update an existing listing so stick around and add your remaining details (including a web address).

Use A Unique Description Every Time

Google frowns on duplicate content. To avoid any issues, write a unique description for each of your listings. This may take a little longer, but not doing so will do more harm for your site than good!

Maximise Your Linking Opportunities

Sometimes directories will let you include extra links within the description text of your listing, providing even more opportunities to link to additional pages on your business’s website.

Use this opportunity to link to high-priority Product or Service pages.

Don’t Get Greedy…

This is not an excuse to spam links! While you may be able to include as many as you like, stick to two or three additional links at most for each listing. Any more than this will set off Google’s alarm bells.

Our Criteria For Selecting The Best New Zealand Directories

To get on the official list below, a directory must meet most of these criteria:

  • Does Google like it?
    • Does the directory often appear in Search Engine Results for a variety of NZ searches?
    • How good are the directory’s own Search Engine Rankings?
    • What SEO techniques does the directory use?
  • Is the process of adding a website to the directory easy, intuitive, and quick?
  • Will it provide a clean hyperlink to a website?
    • Does it offer a “Nofollow” or “Dofollow” link?
    • Redirection “tracker” hyperlinks are not as good
  • Is the website approval time short?
  • Are the other websites in the directory high quality? (e.g. have the webmasters let spammy websites through?)

The Complete List Of All 95 New Zealand (NZ) Business Directories

Our list of New Zealand’s best free business directories should be more than enough to get you started, but if you’re looking for additional listing opportunities we’ve included a complete list of paid directories as well.



Price: $4.95 / Month

Localist is one of New Zealand’s largest online business directories. This modern, vibrant directory connects customers with over 200,000 New Zealand businesses. No website? No worries! Localist allows you to create an account and start selling your products or services online. No website required. At just $4.95 a month it’s a no-brainer. Every NZ business should be listed here.



Price: $25 / Year

A true go-to business directory. One of the best. Create an account then add your business profile in minutes. One of the few paid directories we have no hesitation in recommending.

NZ Directory


Price: $9.95 / One-Time Fee

NZ Directory used to demand a reciprocal link. Now it requires one up-front payment. Listings are sharp and there are a lot of categories to choose from.

Business List


Price: $50 / One-Time Fee

On the pricier side of paid directories. 330K+ listings and counting. Profiles are well-presented if a little cluttered. Your mileage may vary.

New Zealand Web Directory


Price: $20 / One-Time Fee

A stock-standard directory with a great range of region-specific categories.

Business Directory


Price: $2 / Month

Business Directory gives Kiwi businesses the online exposure they deserve. With a simple and stylish design, the directory makes it easy for customers to discover, rate and review local businesses. The site also provides an interactive dashboard where you can view customer insights and learn more about your target audience.

The Business Finder


Price: Not Provided

The Business Finder doesn’t list its rates online, so you’ll need to get in touch with the team to discuss pricing options and to list your business.



Price: $11.85 / One-Time Fee

Over 15,000 businesses and counting. PayPal checkout. Instant approval.



Price: $95 / Year

The priciest directory in the list. Listings are well presented and include areas for social media profiles like Facebook, additional contact details, and a lengthy description.

Kiwi Directory


Price: $34.96 / Six Months

Kiwi Directory’s Gold Listing lets you feature your business on the home page and category page for 30 days. The site is clean and simple, making it quick and easy to list your business. Remember, listings expire every six months, so you’ll need to renew to maintain your listing status.

Face of Business


Face of Business lists businesses and events near you. The site charges $59.80/year for a comprehensive business listing that includes your business details, images, description, mapped location and much more. You can edit your listing anytime through your account. Face of Business is constantly working to improve its site to make your experience even better. 

Location-Specific New Zealand Business Directories

They say the best things in life are free…

…and so are the best business directories!

Some of New Zealand’s very best online directories won’t cost you a single cent. They’re a great, free way to increase your site’s inbound links, online traction, and visibility within local Google searches.

Google My Business


Google My Business is Google’s ultimate online directory. Creating a listing adds your business to Google Maps, allows customers to leave you a review, and gives you the opportunity to appear at the top of local searches.

If you only submit one listing, make it this one!



Yelp’s user reviews may be notorious for making businesses internet famous – or infamous – but it’s also the perfect place to list your business. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, accountant, or plumber, a Yelp listing is a great way to put your business in front of local customers while boosting search rankings.



Foursquare remains one of the biggest online directories in the world, even if you may not have heard from it in a while. With over 2 million businesses using the platform today, it’s still a great way to promote your business.



Brownbook may not be a local directory per se, but this global directory features country-specific categories. Including New Zealand! The listing process is super simple, straightforward, and can be completed in seconds.



Kompass specialises in Business-to-Business (B2B) connections, with over 35 million companies listed in more than 70 countries. Smaller or consumer focussed businesses are still welcome! It’s the perfect way to attract new customers, business partners, and increased visibility.



Infobell bills itself as a ‘phone directory’, but it’s so much more than that. Listings are quick and easy to set up, there are a great range of categories, and profiles include room to add important information including contact details, opening hours, and a link to your site.



EnrollBusiness is a no-nonsense directory with lots of room for additional information including payment methods, products and services, customers reviews, and a great array of linking opportunities both to your website and social media accounts.



Neighbourly is a local community directory focussed on anything and everything going on in your neighbourhood. Local events? News? Neighbourly is the place to be…and be seen! Gain local attention, join in on relevant discussions, and connect with customers in your local area and across the country.



Yellow is the digital version of ye olde telephone book. This classic New Zealand directory recently received a makeover so listings are easier to submit – and look better – than they ever have. While the site offers Premium Profiles, a (free) Base Profile is more than enough.



Since 2001 Cylex has operated a number of directories in countries across the globe, including New Zealand. There’s room to add, images, opening hours, as well as articles and news.



Finda is one of the best online directories in New Zealand. It’s easy to use, features good looking profile pages, and regularly appears towards the top of Google searches.

Love New Zealand


Love New Zealand is dedicated to all things New Zealand. It’s a relatively new directory compared to others in this list, but it’s also one of the quickest to submit. You don’t need a lengthy description. Just throw in your business name and contact details and you’re done. Approvals are equally as fast.

NZSearch & SearchNZ

Website: &

A few years ago these directories wouldn’t have made the list. They’d been abandoned and were largely inactive. These days things are different. Submissions are finally going live again, so they’re well worth the time.



A very cool map-based business directory.



Crude, old, but effective. Listings are submitted via email, so your mileage may vary as to when – or if – your listing is ever actually published.



Tuugo is a modern business directory with additional room for contact details, images, and even offers users customised directions to your business location. It’s super easy to track the # of views your profile has received.



Fyple is a global directory with dedicated sites for the likes of the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. A painless listing process, prominent map in each listing, as well as customer reviews make this a quality directory.



Yalwa is one of New Zealand’s best local directories. While it’s a global site, it features local subdomains for major regions, cities, and categories which is great for giving your business a boost! It’s one of the few directories to allow additional links in the description field, so you can link to extra pages (this is rare!).



Hotfrog started out as a small, local directory back in 2005 and has since grown to include multiple directories for countries across the globe. It’s reliable, easy to use, and has an impressive presence in Google search.

New Zealand Small Business Directory (NZSBD)


A little long in the tooth, NZSBD is still worthy of your time. Featured Listings offer a bump in visibility, but a Basic Listing will get the job done. Expect a bit of a wait before your business listing appears on the site.



Zipleaf is one of the higher quality directories in our list, featuring sharp graphics, a modern layout, and a super fast submission process. Multiple listings per account require a small upgrade fee, though this isn’t necessary for most businesses.



LocalBD may not be the highest ranking directory in the list, but its eye-catching modern visual design is easy to navigate and it makes great use of local maps. A listing is well worth your time.



Slick and well-presented, Opendi’s listing process is straightforward and painless!

Mega Mart


Mega Mart is a classic Kiwi business directory with a great range of categories and well-presented profiles.

Business Networking NZ


Business Networking NZ’s one-page submission process is one of the quickest and easiest to complete out of all of the sites in our list. The site even includes a step-by-step guide on how to submit your profile.

Free Business Directory


A New Zealand owned and operated business directory. The presentation leaves a little to be desired, but it gets the job done. Serves both NZ and AU businesses.

Opening Hours


A painless submission process and a great range of categories makes Opening Hours an easy recommendation.

Ranked By Review


As the name suggests, Ranked by Review places a big focus on user reviews with highly rated businesses regularly featured on its front page.

New Zealand Directory


A little dated and certainly showing its age. Listings are limited to a business name and contact details only (including your website!).

Directory Pages NZ


Not the best or highest ranking directory in this list, but Directory Pages NZ’s simple profiles and straightforward submission process make it an easy one to recommend.

New Zealand BD


A great range of categories. Well-presented profiles. Includes extra room for opening hours, fax numbers, and additional contact details.

My Traffic


My Traffic is based in Christchurch, but it features categories for businesses across the country. Profiles are modern, easy to submit, and include room for additional information like accepted payment types, reviews, and social media.

Business Me


Business Me is designed to support all New Zealand businesses. The directory allows users to update their listing anytime to keep customers informed of events and promotions as they arise.

Found Directory


The Found Directory provides free directory profiles for community groups and organisations in New Zealand. Searchers can find culture, education, welfare, community, and sports groups in the Found Directory. Listing your organisation is quick and easy, with only a one-page form to complete.

Business Search NZ


While you must be a Chamber of Commerce member to use BSNZ, listings are free, comprehensive, and high-quality. Members have access to an easy-to-use profile dashboard that allows them to communicate with other businesses, see how their listing is performing, and make updates.



Where2Go has been around since 1995, but it’s still going strong. As you would expect from a directory this age, the site is a little clunky, but all-in-all gives business websites an equal chance to thrive. All you need is a functional website and email address to list your business on Where2Go.



Find-Us-Here is a global directory for businesses, organisations, clubs, and communities. The site is a bit heavy on pop-up advertising, but listing your business is easy and worthwhile.

Link Centre


Link Centre is a trusted business directory dating back to 1996. With over 1,000,000 you're sure to find what you're looking for! Link Centre only accepts quality sites and manually checks every website submitted. You can list for free under the Basic package or upgrade to a paid listing access more features. 



Mioola is a free social platform that lets you promote your business and connect with your audience. You can download the Mioola app or access the platform through your web browser. Once you have created your business profile, you can post updates or events, follow accounts, write blog posts, upload videos and sell products. Promote your business further through Mioola's pay per click plan, paying only when people interact with your content. 



Due-Clix offers free directory listings for businesses around the world. The site enhances every URL through, sending it to over 204 search engines and social media sites across the web. This helps to boost your click-through rate and conversions. Through your Due-Clix listing you can contribute to the site's active forum, post blog posts and sell products.

NZ Business Directory


NZ Business Directory focuses on attracting customers within your region. With an NZ Business Directory listing, you can go to your customers, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Opt for a free listing that displays your business information, maps your location and creates a lead form. For $495 per year, you can access the site's premium features and personalise your listing with images, video, deals, menus, announcements and much more. 

Local Biz


Local Biz has an extensive range of features across its free and paid listing packages. Create a comprehensive listing at no cost, including your contact details, logo, and business description. Access the site's best features with a paid package and take your listing to the next level. Starting from $99 per month, Local Biz's paid listings offer a range of traffic-boosting features that help your search engine ranking.  

Business Local


Business Local offers free directory listings for businesses across New Zealand. From hairdressers to hotels, the site boasts over 145,000 listings. Business Local has recently enhanced its site to offer endless new features to customers and suppliers. Each member has access to an interactive dashboard where you can change details, add promotions and much more. 



DDDirectory is a free business directory with detailed listings and easy submissions. Add your business details, description, location and images and the site will format your information into an easy-to-understand listing. Ask your customers to review your business to earn a five-star rating, post coupon deals and upload blog posts. While it's a basic site, it has many great features to take advantage of. 



Acompio is a business directory and review platform in one. With thousands of listings across hundreds of categories, Acompio is a trusted directory for New Zealand businesses. The site offers comprehensive free listings, with the option to tap into more features under a paid package. Once you're registered, listings are quick and easy, and customers can leave reviews to enhance your reputation. 



IBegin is a basic but effective online directory. While it hasn't got the bells and whistles of other directory sites, iBegin is a reputable site used by thousands of businesses across NZ, Australia, UK and US, and attracts over one million visitors each month. Registration and listing submissions are easy, free and worth the few minutes they take. 

Local Matters


Local Matters is a place to find what – well – matters to your local area. The site provides general information about events, job listings, classifieds, businesses and more. Register with Local Matters to list your business or community group for free. 



Gopher understands the SEO benefits of listing with a high-quality business directory. After spending six months sprucing up the site, Gopher now has an impressive domain authority, making it a great way to grow your backlink profile. Listings are free, however you can access the site's full suite of features for only $23.99/year.  

Many of the directories we’ve already outlined include local categories, but these city or region-specific directories across New Zealand are a great way to improve your Local SEO and connect with customers within your area.



Heart Of The City


A highly ranked business directory perfect for Auckland businesses, Heart Of The City is dedicated to supporting businesses throughout the city centre. Membership is free for anyone who owns or operates a business on commercially rated property within Auckland’s boundaries.

If you’re just outside? Get in touch with the team. They may be able to help you out!

Local Matters


Local Matters is a community newspaper serving Auckland’s north. Don’t let that fool you! They also have an up-to-date online directory ideally suited for Auckland businesses. The listing process is conducted via email, so drop the team a line.

Mangere Bridge


A directory for Mangere Bridge, located in Manukau Harbour. Includes listings for Events, Businesses, plus Clubs & Organisations. Listings are free & easy to submit.

Business North Harbour


Supports businesses throughout Auckland’s North Shore. Quick and easy submission process. Listings look great and offer room for extra images, contact details, and lengthy descriptions.

Business Manukau


A hub for businesses throughout South Auckland. Listings can’t be submitted through the site, so you’ll need to get in touch with the team if you’re looking to get listed.



The Devonport Business Association’s website is a high-quality, well-presented site that’s ideal for local Devonport businesses.

Auckland Central


Auckland Central is a free directory for all Auckland businesses and showcases the best the inner city has to offer. List your business, get reviews, and promote events on your profile. Auckland Central is a great platform for highlighting your business info and boosting your online presence.


City Of Hamilton


If you’re a business owner in Hamilton, City of Hamilton is where you want to list your business. Each listing is manually reviewed, upholding the website’s quality and listing reliability. Listing your business is free, and you can update your information whenever you like via your profile dashboard.

Waikato Business Insights


Waikato Business Insights is a basic website, but listings are free and never expire. So, once you’re listed, you’re good to go. The site also has a guest blog section for business owners who want to earn extra backlinks and further promote their business.


Porirua City


Porirua City is the area’s council website that includes the Love Local business directory for businesses in the region. You’ll find the sign-up link at the end of the directory list. It’s not super easy to find, but once you’re there, set-up is a breeze! 

East Tamaki



The Greater East Tamaki Business Association website supports local businesses throughout East Tamaki. Fill out and submit this form to to get your business listed.


Central Otago


A high quality, well-ranking website dedicated to the Central Otago region. A listing is free to any business or community group within the Central Otago District boundaries that provides products or services to locals or visitors.



Another must-list directory for Otago businesses located in Alexandra. Listings are well presented and submitting your site is easy-as.


Dunedin Business Directory


A great modern directory of local Dunedin businesses supported by the Otago Chamber of Commerce and Otago Daily Times. Listings are well presented and usually go live within 24 hours.


Ōtautahi Christchurch


Price: Not Provided

A high-quality hub for all things Christchurch. The site doesn’t feature a dedicated submission page, so you’ll need to get in touch with the team to discuss listing options. Payment may be required.

Christchurch Buy Local


Christchurch Buy Local is a community resource that helps small to medium-sized businesses attract more customers. Standard listings are free, but you can upgrade to a Premium listing for a one-off cost of $49.



The Geraldine website and accompanying business directory brings together must-see tourist attractions, events, and businesses throughout South Canterbury’s Geraldine. Contact the team to get listed.

Selwyn District Council


Selwyn’s District Council website features a free business directory for local businesses. It’s one of the only sites in this list, providing even more value for your site.

Selwyn Connect


Selwyn Connect was designed for locals to support locals. Adding your business to the directory is easy, free, and gets your business seen by those closest to you. If you want to take your listing to the next level, you can purchase a premium listing for $22 / month.


Plimmerton Community Website


The Plimmerton Residents’ Association maintains a list of local businesses. Listings are free and easy to submit. Just enter your business name, website address, and hit Go!


Official Matamata Website


The official Matamata website is run by the Matamata Business Association, which provides support to local businesses throughout Matamata. If that’s you? Contact the team at to submit your business.

Hawke’s Bay

Great Things Grow Here


Submit your application to become a Great Things Grow Here ‘Brand Champion’ and get your business featured in this local Hawke’s Bay directory.

Hawke’s Bay Business Hub


The Hawke’s Bay Business Hub’s directory is limited to co-working spaces only.




Villa is a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisory service located in Whangarei. As a part of their efforts to support local Northland businesses, the site recently expanded to include a local business directory.


Coromandel Town


Price: $45 / Year

The Coromandel Town website features a high-authority directory full of local businesses. The site is being updated, so there may be some minor delays in profiles going live. The $45 a year asking price is middle-of-the-road and may be worthwhile for local businesses looking for a boost.

Whitianga Business Directory


Price: $215 / One-Time Fee

For businesses in Whitianga and surrounding areas, the Whitianga Business Directory is the place to be listed. While the Gold listing package is on the steep side, you only need to pay it once, and you receive a long list of benefits that will amplify your online presence.

Industry-Specific New Zealand Business Directories

Directories that are dedicated to a certain industry are a great way to boost your website’s relevancy within your niche and ensure you’re found by potential customers that are looking for the exact products or services you provide.

Travel & Tourism

Tourism New Zealand


Tourism New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading website for international travelers. If you run a tourism service in New Zealand, list your business here to get found on, expand your network, and connect with travelers.



Tripadvisor is one of the most popular, high-profile travel sites in the world. If someone’s planning a trip, holiday, or weekend getaway, chances are they’re checking Tripadvisor. Jump on the site and claim your listing. It’s free.

New Zealand Tourism Guide


This is a must-see directory for businesses operating in the tourism or travel sector.

NZ Online


NZ Online calls itself a “Travel, Tourism Directory & Travel Planner”. It features travel blogs, tips, driving times, and a free business directory for those in the travel sector.



TrueNZ offers travel and accommodation guides with a complementary directory for hotels, motels, and other accommodation providers.

Food & Restaurants



As one of New Zealand’s oldest restaurant websites – we’re talking pre-Uber Eats! – Menus is the perfect place to list your cafe, restaurant, pub, bar, or any other business where customers can wine and dine. As the name suggests, you can set up your profile with a menu as well as contact details, address, and website.

New Zealand Food Technology


Price: $249 / Year

Food Technology is a well respected print and digital magazine published by Hayley Media. Listings start at $249 a year so this is one directory that’s likely reserved for larger scale businesses that operate within the food industry.

Doctors, Health & Medical



Healthpages currently includes over 13,000 doctors, specialists, and other health service providers. Listings are free for organisations that provide health services as well as medical professionals registered in New Zealand.

NZGP Web Directory


The NZGP Web Directory aims to provide a comprehensive list of healthcare professionals in New Zealand. Listings are barebones but they get the job done. Plus, they’re free!

The Wellness Directory


A local directory of health resources and practitioners. Create your profile, add your services, and even publish special offers, events, and articles to the site’s Blog.

Contractors, Trades & Home Improvement



Houzz is one of New Zealand’s largest home design and renovation websites. The directory is perfect for professionals from architects and contractors to builders and carpenters. Profiles look great and include room to highlight your professional projects, awards, and services. Don’t miss it!

Home Improvement 2 Day


This directory of home improvement specialists already includes over 25,000 listings. Home finance? Tradey? Plumber? They’re all welcome.



TradeHQ is just like a good Kiwi tradey – no nonsense, direct, and gets the job done!

One Stop Trade


Another great directory for tradespeople, contractors, and others in the trade industry.

Green & Eco Friendly

Sustainable Business Network


Price: $510 / Year

An authoritative directory for sustainable businesses. Its high rankings come at a cost, with profiles starting at $510 per year. Individuals can join for $255.

Organic NZ Magazine


Price: Not Provided

A print and digital directory for organic businesses throughout New Zealand. Pricing is variable. Contact the team for details.

Organic Explorer


Price: $100 / Year

Organic Explorer is a quality directory that highlights providers of organic food, drink, accommodation, and ecotourism across New Zealand through its online business directory. Basic listings start from $100 / Year plus GST.



EcoDeals gathers together all of the best planet friendly products, deals, and businesses from across New Zealand in one place.

Green Directory


A simple directory perfect for green, eco or environmentally friendly businesses. Basic listings are free.


Website: is one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected finance websites. Its directory of Kiwi financial institutions is extensive, so if you’re not on the list get in touch with the team and see what they can do.

Conveyancing Services Directory


The Conveyancing Services Directory specialises in those able to assist customers in the buying and selling of property, including real estate agents, lawyers, and financial providers that offer personal or home loans. Standard listings are free.

Parenting & Kids

Kiwi Families


Price: $99 / Year

Tips, tools, and advice for parents is what you’ll find at Kiwi Families. The site’s business directory has a family-friendly spin, though it casts a wide net from insurance providers to tourism operators. Listings start at $99 per year.



Price: Not Provided

Kidspot is a one-stop-shop for kid-friendly activities, toys, clothing, accommodation, and other businesses. Directory pricing isn’t listed on the site, so you’ll need to contact the team for more information.


Launch List


Price: $57 / Year

Launch List is dedicated to supporting and promoting new startups and businesses in New Zealand. Listings are on the pricey end of the scale considering the site’s limited search presence at time of writing.




Eventfinda is one of the highest authority event websites in the country. You can list your business, create events, and even sell tickets! Even better, basic listings are completely free.



Another great site to add to your list if you’re looking to run an event. Eventbrite listings are free if you’re holding a free event, with various payment options and setups available if you plan on selling tickets.

The Event Directory


The Event Directory is where you go to find every event-planning service in Canterbury. From catering to security, The Event Directory has it all. Adding your events-based service to the directory requires filling in an application form, so it differs from your typical directory submission. 

Best-Of Sites

Top Reviews


Top Reviews is where you’ll find the very best that New Zealand has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage broker or an air fryer, Top Reviews will direct you to the best names and brands in every industry. The team of talented writers and reviewers create in-depth buying guides to take the guesswork out of finding the right product or service.



MoneyHub helps everyday Kiwis make better financial decisions. Get free and comprehensive advice, and find the right financial products and services when you need them. For everything you need to know about insurance, home loans, credit cards, Kiwisaver, mortgages and much more, head straight to MoneyHub.

Best Rated


Best Rated reviews businesses, products and services in New Zealand to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for, fast. The site is broken into our five main centres - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga - and offers an easy search tool for quick navigation.

Even More Listing Opportunities For Your Business

Local Chambers Of Commerce & Business Associations

You’ll find a few Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations in our list…

…but there are many more out there!

These listings are usually more involved than your standard directory, often requiring formal applications as well as ongoing membership fees.

Sites like this can be found in regions across the country including Wellington, Tauranga, Rotorua, and Auckland. They’re a great way to network with local customers and businesses, as well as gain a place on a high-ranking website.

If they make financial sense for your business, give them a look.

Find Relevant CoC Or BA Sites In Just Minutes…

Tracking down prospective Business Associations and Chamber of Commerce sites couldn’t be easier. Just copy and paste the following search strings into Google with your relevant area or industry.

  • business association + [YOUR INDUSTRY]
    • e.g. business association + accounting
  • chamber of commerce + [YOUR AREA]
    • e.g chamber of commerce + christchurch
  • business association + [YOUR AREA]
    • e.g. business association + hawke’s bay
  • economic development organisation + [YOUR AREA]
    • e.g. economic development organisation + tauranga
How To Find Your Own Directories

We do our best to keep this list up-to-date, but new directories pop up all the time. If you’d like to look for new directories yourself just enter the below search strings into Google and it will return a list of sites that are relevant to your industry or location!

  • [YOUR AREA] inurl:directory
  • [YOUR AREA] inurl:businesses
  • [YOUR AREA] intitle:directory
  • [YOUR INDUSTRY] inurl:directory
  • [YOUR INDUSTRY] inurl:links
  • [YOUR INDUSTRY] intitle:directory
Is There A Local Directory Missing From Our List?

Found a new business directory that isn’t included in our list?

Contact us and let us know!

Boost Your Search Performance With Business Directories

Sometimes going back-to-basics is the best way to improve your site’s search performance, and there’s nothing more back-to-basics than a business directory! If you want more ways to support your site request a strategy session and learn how Found can maximise your traffic, leads, and sales.