Improve your lead generation with a content marketing strategy that nurtures new prospects and improves your sales process

Developing and marketing expert content around your business’ area of expertise, will attract and engage new prospects for your business.

Content Marketing

Developing customer focused content for your business is one of the most rewarding forms of marketing.

By creating this content, you can effectively attract audiences who are researching for information on solutions and problems they have. This provides you with an opportunity to introduce customers to your products and services in the process of providing valuable answers to their questions.

Content marketing hopes to engage audiences and nurture them to a point where they are eventually ready to do business with you.

However, this is not the only benefit to content marketing. Content (if done correctly) tends to have an extremely positive affect on your websites ability to climb Google search results and drive qualified, ‘ready-to-buy’ prospects to your website.

FOUND’s content marketing strategy

FOUND’s background in generating visibility in Google’s non paid search results means we’ve had to master content marketing strategies as part of the process.

With the knowledge we gain through researching and understanding your customers, we tailor a content marketing strategy based on your target audience’s pains, wants and needs.

By harnessing our developed methodologies we’re able to tap into new sales leads for your business by creating readership worthy content around your industry or area of expertise.

Through this process of content creation and marketing, we build your readership, increase your profile and improve your brand as a leader and authority.

Alongside this we also have access to a range of online tools, which allows us to quickly and easily reach out to a wide range of sites and bloggers. Ensuring the maximum coverage for your content. Whether that be through self published blogs, third party blogs or press releases.

The developed process we undertake includes:
  • Understanding your customers, including their problems and potential solutions.
  • Researching your industry, products and area of expertise.
  • Creating customer focussed content that adds value and solves problems.
  • Optimising content  for Google around phrases your prospects are frequently searching for.
  • Optimising snippets for social traction.
  • Submission of optimised content to your website.
  • Guest contributions to third party websites to build website authority and reputation.
  • Submission of optimised content to media websites and blogs.
  • Social bookmarking of content.

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Conrad CranfieldMD - Nature Shop

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