Optimising Image ALT Tags

What Is It?

Image ALT tags describe the contents of an image, and are displayed when you hover over an image or if it fails to load.

These Image ALT tags are also used heavily by Google.


Because Google can’t actually see an image.

Instead, Google relies on the filename and ALT tag to determine what an image contains.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Image Alt Tags

Add An ALT Tag To Your Images

Keyword-rich ALT tags won’t just increase usability, they’ll also further boost the signals your page sends to the Googlebot.

You’ll also increase the chances of these images showing up within Google Image Searches.

Note: It it important you ensure that images are descriptive of the image, not only targeting keywords, just include them if you can.

Image ALT Tag Checklist

  1. Do image ALT Tags make use of relevant keywords?
  2. Do all images have ALT tags applied to them?
  3. Do image ALT tags accurately describe the image i.e not only target keywords?