Optimising HTML Code

What Is It?

There’s one important thing to remember where your website and Googlebot are concerned.

Google and it’s crawling bots don’t see your website in the same way humans do.

Instead? They only see the HTML code.

Take Wikipedia as an example!

You and I see it like this:

How we see a website

But Googlebot? It sees the code displayed below.

How Google sees a website

Unoptimised, messy, or improper HTML can bloat your code.

This pushes your actual text – which is full of those all important keywords – hundreds of lines down the page.

With more work for Googlebot to do, your rankings may suffer.

Thankfully, fixing this can be simple!

You just need to follow a familiar philosophy:

When it comes to websites?

Less is more!

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Clean Code

Avoid Bloated Navigation & Menu Options

Javascript and other code used for interactive elements such as menus can become bloated quickly, so try to keep things as simple as your design will allow.

Remove Unnecessary WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins make it easy for anyone to set up a website, but too many can leave your site working overtime. Make a habit of removing any unnecessary plugins or extras that you no longer use.

Say No To Image-Heavy Website Design

Visual elements break up the dreaded wall of text, and provide visual interest for your users. But only to a point. Too many images can leave your page sluggish and unresponsive, hindering your chances of ranking higher in search.

Use The W3C Validator To Check Your Code

To see if your website passes muster, enter your web address at W3C Markup Validation Service