Using Clean URLs

What Is It?

You’ve probably seen a URL or two that looks something like this:

Crazy numbers?

Odd characters?

It’s a mess!

These URLs don’t just negatively affect SEO, they can also scare users away when found in search.

But there is a better way!

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Clean URLs

Clean URLs ensure they’re readable and descriptive, and maximise their use of keywords.

The reasons for doing this? They’re threefold:

  1. Users can read them and better identify pages they want to click on in search.
  2. Google will bold keywords in URLs when they’re searched for.
  3. Google will give these pages a boost in visibility and rankings.

So when it comes to writing URLs, you should:

  • Keep them short and descriptive.
  • Use a hyphen ‘-‘ to separate each word.

Remember To Do This!

When you’re revising URLs, remember to set up a 301 redirect to the new ones.

If you don’t?

Anyone visiting the old address will run into a 404 Error Page, and search engines will penalise you for it.

URL Checklist

  1. Do URLs include hyphens as separators?
  2. Do URLs include keywords relevant to the page content?
  3. Are there any unnecessary alphanumeric characters within the URLs?