Optimising Your Domain Name

What Is It?

A Domain Name is the URL people type into their address bars to get to your site

If this includes relevant keywords, then you might have an easier time ranking for these phrases.

Woah there!

Slow down!

Before you run off and register a keyword-rich domain name, keep the following lesson in mind:

Keyword rich domains do play their part, but you need to balance SEO and overall business branding.

Just because your domain name isn’t ‘www.AucklandAccounting.co.nz‘ doesn’t mean your rankings dreams are over.

Far from it in fact…

A recognisable name and cohesive branding are far more important for your business in the long run!

Tip: Don’t buy a bunch of domains full of keywords and redirect them to your site! This actually does more harm than good.

How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With A Domain Name

Include Keywords Within Your Domain Name

Adding keywords to your domain name can make it easier to rank in search faster than other sites.

When registering a name, think of logical ways you could include keywords but don’t go overboard.

A domain name stuffed with keywords will confuse users and tip Google off to your overzealous SEO strategy.


This strategy works, but finding a good balance between branding and SEO will ofcourse always need to be a consideration.

Domain Name Checklist

  1. Does your domain name include a relevant keyword?
  2. Does your domain name use a relevant extension such as ‘.co.nz‘ or ‘.com.au’