Optimising Image & File Names

What Is It?

Google doesn’t see an image or a file when you place it on your website.


All it sees is basic information like ALT Tags and file names.

This is why you should use descriptive names and ALT Tags at every opportunity to help Google to:

  • Decide what your image or file is all about.
  • Ensure these are found when searchers use Google’s File or Image Search.

Consider the following example:

You have a great diagram on your site that compares the differences in Accounting Software Packages.

Instead of a generic filename such as ‘diagram.jpg‘, use something like ‘Accounting-Software-Comparison.jpg‘.

When users search Google Images for Accounting Software Packages, they’ll be more likely to find your image and page.

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Optimised Image & File Names

Before you upload a file or image to your site, add a descriptive phrase or keyword! This takes all of a few seconds to do, and will ensure your files are optimised before they go live.

Image File Names Checklist

  1. Do image files like .PNGs or .JPGs make use of relevant keywords?
  2. Do files like .PDFs or .DOCs make use of relevant keywords?