What determines a Google Search Result?

So, how does Google Search Rank work?

Chances are you’ve searched for that exact question in Google before.

When you did, you’ll have seen literally hundreds of articles all looking to answer this exact question.

The truth?

It’s complicated!

Like the Colonel’s eleven secret herbs and spices, Google keep their page rankings algorithm under wraps.

However! Through the power of deduction, we have a better understanding of how it works.

Let me explain:

Google uses a bot called Googlebot to crawl the internet.

This bot:

  1. Discovers new pages.
  2. Updates existing ones.

As it does, it creates an index of all the content it finds.

This index is then run through a secret algorithm that scores every page based on its relevancy for certain terms.

Yes, every one!

When doing so, it looks at the following areas:

  • Content – Is website and page content relevant?
  • Performance – Is the site fast, snappy, and does it support mobile?
  • Authority – Is the website linked to from other websites?
  • User Experience – Is the website easy to use and navigate?

Google gives top spot to the most relevant website for a given term.

Sites that implement Search Engine Optimisation – like the techniques I’m about to outline – send the clearest signals to Google that, yeah, this site’s kind of a big deal.

In turn? Its ratings and rankings receive a boost.