Optimising Heading Tags

What Is It?

Heading tags tell Google that the text within – and to follow – is worth getting excited about!

Heading tags look like this in HTML:

<h1>This is a primary heading tag</h1>

<h2>This is a secondary heading tag</h2>

<h3>This is a tertiary heading tag</h3>

Would you believe that most pages don’t use heading tags at all?

Crazy, right?!

Give yourself the edge and get Google excited about your content by:

  • Using <h1> tags for the titles of posts, pages or products.
  • Using <h2> tags for main headings.
  • Using a range of H3-H6 tags for sub-headings.

Heading Tags Checklist

  1. Are H1-H3 tags present on all major pages?
  2. Are Primary Keywords used in H1 Tags?
  3. Are relevant and related keywords used in H2-H6 Tags?