Conducting Keyword Research for SEO

Choosing the right keywords is the most important decision your business will make.

No pressure, right?

Don’t worry, this process doesn’t have to be difficult.

I’m about to show you a quick and easy 3 step process that will have you researching, finding and deciding on your keywords in next to no time!

Looking For Keywords? Use This 3 Step Quick-Start Guide

Method #1: Check Out Your Competition

Let’s face it: you competitors are ranking highly for a reason.

One is that they’re using the right keywords in all the right places.

It’s time to use this to your advantage!

Here’s how:

Search Google for a phrase related to your business.

Google search bar

Make a note of the top results that appear in search.

Accounting search results in Google

Competitor’s On-page Optimisation
Look over each page, and make note of the keywords and phrases being used throughout the page’s:

  • Title Tags
  • Headings
  • Within their content
  • In their image ALT Tags
  • In their menus

Bonus Tip! Right-click and select ‘View Source’. Look for keywords used within Titles and Meta Descriptions.

View page source

Method #2: User Forums

User Forums

No one knows what searchers are thinking better than the searchers themselves!

By browsing forums and social networks, you’ll find the exact words they’re using that relate to:

  • Your industry.
  • Your business.
  • Your products and services.

It’s super simple, too. You just:

Open Google.

Enter in any of the following search terms:

Searching Google for forums

  1. [KEYWORD] + inurl:forum
  2. [KEYWORD] + intitle:forum

Click through to any forums dedicated to topics relevant to your business.

A forum result in Google search

Make a note of the words customers use when talking about you.

Keywords used in forums

It’s that easy!

Method #3:

Are you struggling for ideas?

Then give a go.

It’s a great tool for finding a wealth of new keyword you may not have thought of.

Using it is as simple as:


Enter a keyword into the search bar

KeywordtoolIO search bar

Select your country’s search engine, and click the ‘Search’ icon.

KeywordtoolIO country selection will present a list of combinations that could be your key to unlocking search success.

KeywordtoolIO keyword results

Tip! Different locations will return different keywords, so it’s worth repeating using a variety of locations.