Optimising the Meta Description

What is it?

The meta description is the text displayed in search engine results below the Title and URL of a page.

In HTML, a meta description looks like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”This is where the META description text goes”>

While this is what a meta description looks like in Google search:

A meta description in Google search

META descriptions are your opportunity to convince people to click on your link over a competitor.

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Meta Descriptions

Pick Your Top Pages
You won’t have time to write unique META Descriptions for every page, so focus on important pages such as:

  • Your home page.
  • Product category pages.
  • Services pages.
  • Killer content or worthwhile resources.

As for the rest? Leave the Googlebot to grab relevant snippets from the text on these pages.

Tip: Don’t re-use a generic META description. This duplicate content can do more harm than good.

Write A Unique Meta Description

Write a concise, unique META description that summarises the contents of the page, covering:

  • The services it offers.
  • The products it sells.
  • What the content is about.

Limit Descriptions To 320 Characters
With just 320 characters to work with, make the most of it.

Include Keywords & Locations
Include keywords and locations that are relevant to the page.

Invite People To Click!
A Meta Description is your chance to sell your page to users, so spice it up and appeal to their curiosity!

Use These Meta Description Examples To Get You Started

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Meta Description Checklist

  1. Do all important pages feature a META Description?
  2. Are META Descriptions unique across the site?
  3. Do META Descriptions use keywords relevant to the content on the page?
  4. Are Meta Descriptions under 156 characters in length?