Ensure A Mobile Friendly Website

What Is It?

More than a desktop or laptop, where do you do most of your web browsing?

If you said ‘My mobile!’ then you’re not alone!

In fact, an average of 40% of web visitors are using mobile devices. With up to 30% using tablets!

Data stats - Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Use

As a result, Google penalises sites that aren’t responsive or mobile friendly.

So if you don’t have a mobile-friendly version of your site, now’s the time to get one!

Because without it?

Every other step may prove ineffective.

You can quickly and easily check the responsiveness of your website with the Google Webmaster Tools.


  1. Open Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Enter your website’s address into the text box.
  3. Click ‘Analyse’.
How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With A Responsive Website

Talk To Your Developer Or Tech Specialist
Get in touch with your developer or tech guru and ask them about making your website mobile friendly.

Use One Of These WordPress Plugins
If your website runs on WordPress? There are a number of free & paid plugins available that will do this for you!

Use A Responsive WordPress Theme
Use a WordPress theme that includes a responsive version designed specifically for mobile devices.

Mobile Site Checklist

  1. Is the website responsive for all devices?
  2. Does the website load & display correctly on mobile devices?
  3. You’ve checked your website in Google’s Mobile Friendly Test (https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly)?