Improving Page Load Speed

What Is It?

Google’s search algorithms are constantly updated to return the most relevant results in the shortest time possible.

This is just one reason why page speed is increasingly important.

If your page is slowed down by cumbersome plugins or large images? Your rankings will suffer.

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings By Optimising Your Page Speed

Analyse Your Page Speed
Load Google’s PageSpeed Tool and select ‘Run Insights’ to run Google’s PageSpeed test on your site. This will provide you with an easy-to-read report of your results.

Remove Unnecessary Javascript Or WordPress Plugins
Whether you created your website yourself, or had a professional do this for you, there are usually unnecessary added extras left around long after the web gurus have packed their tools away.

Either alone or with your web developer, run through your Javascript and WordPress plugins to identify any redundant ones that can be removed.

Optimise Image File Sizes
Large, high-quality images increase loading times, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.

Tools like ImageOptim & Advance Projects will compress your images while keeping quality in tact.

Internal Links Checklist

  1. Are there internal links present on your site?
  2. Do blog posts contain internal links to other posts & content on your site?
  3. Do Product, Service or other pages link to other relevant pages on your site?