Optimising the Title Tag

What Is It?

The Title Tag is the text displayed along the top of the browser window or tab. It’s also the first thing users see when searching.

In HTML, the title tag looks like:

<title>This is the text that appears in the top of the window</title>

While this is what it looks like in Google search:

A title tag in Google search

Improving your title tags is one of the easiest changes you can make.

It’s also the most important.

An optimised Title Tag makes it easier for Google and searchers to identify if your page is relevant to their interests.

How To Improve Your Search Rankings With Title Tags

Limit Titles To 59 Characters
Google only displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, so make the most of the room you have.

Include Keywords
Include keywords in your titles that relate to your industry as well as the contents of the page.

Make Your Titles Enticing
A Title Tag stuffed with keywords doesn’t guarantee success, so make them enticing for users as well as Google. Instead of ‘How To Market Your Business’, try ‘5 PROVEN Ways To Market Your Business Online’. I know which one I’d click on!

Make Each Title Unique
Aim to be brief yet descriptive, with a unique Title Tag for each page on your website. If you’re stuck for ideas, use one of the templates I’ve outlined below.

Mention Your Location
If your business operates within a country, city or region, tell search engines and users!

Use These Title Tag Templates To Get You Started

Home Page Templates:

Business Name | Keyword Phrase | Keyword Phrase

Home Page Examples:

Number Crunchers | Auckland Accounting Service Specialists
Fresh Flowers, Roses & Bouquets at Sunshine Petals NZ

Product & Service Page Templates:

Keyword Phrase, Location | Business Name or Keyword Phrase | Keyword Phrase | Business Name

Products & Services Examples:

#1 Xero Accounting Services, Auckland | Number Crunchers

Buy Gorgeous Roses Online | Bouquets | Sunshine Petals NZ

Title Tag Checklist

  1. Do your Title Tags use an SEO optimised structure that puts keywords first?
  2. Is there a consistent use of high-priority keywords throughout Title Tags?
  3. Are all of your Title Tags unique?
  4. Do your Title Tags use Location & Purchasing keyword variants like ‘New Zealand’ or ‘Buy Online’?
  5. Are your Title Tags enticing or exciting?