FOUND helps build a 700% increase in sales and revenue

FOUND used qualified SEO methodologies to increase the number of qualified leads and sales generated online, resulting in a 700% increase in sales and revenue.

The process also saw Nature Shop positioned in the top 3 Google results for the following frequently searched phrases:

SEO Case Study: Nature Shop

Nature Shop Profile

Nature Shop is a global online retailer with websites targeting New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, selling clothing and footwear from global brands that have an environmental conscience.


Nature Shop engaged FOUND to help develop their search engine optimisation strategies across multiple country targeted websites.  This included help identifying which phrases that had high volumes and high relevancy to the products sold to target markets.

This research fed into our core strategies  achieving better search engine visibility for these selected search terms.

Our Strategy

FOUND worked with Nature Shop to develop numerous online marketing strategies.

The process started with search phrase identification and trend scoping. Once we had identified phrases in each geographic region we analysed and developed website architecture that primarily addressed best practice usability. Identifying search phrases from the outset, helped us a logical structure that also maximised our ability to pursue high rankings across highly searched search phrases.

Once the optimised structure was developed, we employed best practice SEO methodologies across all key pages on each of the websites.

FOUND continued with monthly support in:

  • Complete search engine optimisation of websites.
  • High quality link acquisition.
  • Ongoing monitoring of search phrases.
  • Analysing data through analytics software.
  • Keyword selection / refinement
  • Search engine reputation management
The Results

After 3 years of operation and involvement with FOUND, Nature Shop saw an excess of 650,000 organic search engine visitors across all websites.

This saw a revenue increase of over 700% from 12 months prior.

This also saw Nature Shop come 2nd in the New Zealand Deloittes Fast 50 and win the fastest growing retailer and fastest growing exporter awards.

Results - SEO

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“Robert from Found has been instrumental in helping Nature Shop gain a huge increase in targeted search engine traffic. This has seen our sales growth exceed 700%.”

Conrad CranfieldMD - Nature Shop

“Found has been fantastic at developing our SEO and providing us with sustained growth in a very competitive market, by getting us into the top 3 Google positions.”

Chris CameronCMO - NZ Tax Refunds