Auckland SEO Guide

Finding information on SEO?

It’s never been easier!

Effectively applying this wealth of information, in a way that will best increase the visibility of your Auckland business?

That’s far more difficult.

Until now!

Today we’re exploring five simple steps any Auckland business should take to increase their visibility within search engines.

Ready to start marketing your Auckland business within the searches that really count?

Then read on for our five sure-fire, actionable steps that will kickstart any Auckland business’s journey to getting found online.

Five Steps To Kickstarting Your Auckland Business’s SEO

1Research Your Local Auckland Keywords

Keyword research is the key to every successful SEO campaign.

Yet the keywords your business uses to reach local customers often differ from your regular keywords.

Let us explain how:

Local keywords are specifically tailored to the location/s that you offer your products or services. More often than not? These combine your existing keywords with your business’s location.

By choosing the right local keywords for your business, you can more effectively target those local searchers looking for the products and services you offer.

Example: Auckland Accounting Firm

Say you’re an Accounting Firm based in Auckland’s North Shore. Your business may be targeting any number of general keywords, such as ‘Accountant‘.

If a user searches for this term? They could be searching for any number of things related to ‘Accountant‘. For any number of locations.

By targeting a general term such as this, your business may be gaining more visitors. But you’re not necessarily guaranteeing yourself more business.

On the other hand? A user searching for ‘Accountant Auckland‘ – or, more specifically, ‘North Shore Accountant  is far more likely to be a local searcher looking for the services you offer.

The example below demonstrates this:

The Differing Search Volumes Of Local vs Regular Keywords

While the term ‘Accountant North Shore‘ has a lower search volume, those using this term are far more likely to be interest in North Shore Accountants.

As an added bonus? The suggested bid for this phrase is also much lower than terms like ‘Accountant‘ and ‘Accountant Auckland‘.

2Optimise Your Pages Around These Keywords

Local keywords acquired? You’re now ready to use these keywords to your advantage!

Through some simple On Page SEO techniques, you can quickly and easily increase your visibility within local search results.

And here’s how:

Start by including your keywords in the following locations:

  • Page Titles
  • Headings
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Website URLs
  • Page Content

The takeaway here? Don’t be shy about stating where your business is located. In fact, shout it from the rooftops!

By doing so, you’ll no longer be ‘just another business’. You’ll be an Auckland business!

All at once you’ll be increasing your visibility within local searches, and making it easier for searchers to find your business.

While optimising your pages, it’s also important to:

  • Be Subtle
    As tempting as it may be to fill every page to the brim with your keywords, not only will this prove ineffective in increasing your search visibility. But you’ll also be driving visitors away.Can you remember the last time a page full of keywords provided an nejoyable browsing experience? We didn’t think so!Maximising your usage of keywords is important, but so too is keeping the interest of your visitors. So instead, look to include your keywords by adding them in ways that read naturally.
  • Stay Focussed
    Keyword research often yields a number of keywords that may work perfectly for your business. But this doesn’t mean you should be using them all on the one page.Instead, aim to target a select few keywords with a given page. Not only will this help you better decide on their placement, but by clearly targeting these keywords you’ll stand a much better chance of increasing your visibility within Google’s search results.

3Create Your Google My Business Account

Google is continually tweaking how they rank websites within their search results. Nowadays? Google places a much larger emphasis on local businesses when someone searches for something online.

It does this through its Google My Business listings. A combination of Google Places and Google+ that displays any relevant My Business listings at the top of these searches.

As you can see below, for the term ‘Auckland Accountant‘:

Example Of My Business Listings For 'Auckland Accountant' Displayed Above Regular Search Results

My Business listings also have the added benefit of:

  • Increasing your business’s visibility in regular search results.
  • Displaying your business on Google Maps.
  • Creating a Google+ profile for your business.

These all give your business valuable reach and visibility you couldn’t achieve otherwise.

4Get listed in these Free online Auckland business directories

Gathering a range of businesses together in the one place, there are a wide range of online business directories that make it that much easier for users to find what they’re looking for: your business.

Auckland Heart Of The City Business Directory

By creating a profile on these business directories, you’ll be able to add a range of information.

This includes:

  • Products and services that you offer.
  • A business description.
  • Contact details.
  • Opening hours.
  • Logos and images.
  • A link back to your website.

Best of all? It’s entirely free!

These directories are great for your business for two major reasons:

  • They Increase Your Visibility
    How many of you still pull out the Yellow Pages when you’re looking for a local business or service provider? Yeah, we didn’t think so. That thing is heavy!Instead, you search online. But with search results becoming increasingly overwhelming, users often prefer a single place to browse an organised list of local businesses.And that’s where these business directories come in!Combining modern digital convenience with the organisation of a Yellow Pages, they make it easier for local potential customers to find you.
  • They Provide Valuable Links To Your Website
    Link building is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. These inbound links – links from other websites to your own – play a major role in your website’s visibility within local search engine results.Even more so if those links are from websites centered around your location!While you can’t rely on business directory listings and profiles as your only form of inbound links, they make a great starting point in your larger SEO journey.

Ready to get listing? Start with these Auckland business directories:

Tips For Creating Your Auckland Business Directory Profiles

  • Write Unique Content
    Google frowns on duplicate or copied content. So to ensure you’re getting the most out of your business profiles? Focus on creating unique content in the form of your business description for each one.

Business Profile Description

  • Be Thorough
    If a business directory lets you add it?Do so!Include details like your opening hours, company logo and some images of products or services you offer. The more information you provide, the better.

Business Profile Details

  • Link Responsibly
    Some business directories let you add links throughout your business’s description. But you shouldn’t see this as a chance to fill this space with links to your website.A select few? Sure!But spamming these directories will do your website more harm than good.By linking responsibly, you’ll be building White Hat links that will last.

Business Directory Linking Opportunity

5Encourage Local Reviews Of Your Auckland Business

Your Google My Business profile doesn’t just help your business to reach more people. It also gives your customers the opportunity to review your business!

By encouraging these reviews? You’ll be increasing your reputation and standing in the eyes of potential future customers. As well as improving your position within Google’s My Business rankings.

Stuck for ideas on encouraging customers to review your business? Try these:

  • Follow up with past customers with a thank you email that encourages them to leave a review.
  • Run giveaways where a customer review is chosen at random and rewarded with a one-time discount or offer. This provides a great incentive for other users to review your business, while also ensuring they remain impartial. You don’t want to buy reviews, just encourage them.
  • Respond to the reviews customers are posting about your business. By being active among your reviews you’ll encourage others to do the same.