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How long will SEO take?

Your business will generally see an improvement within three months. But it can take anywhere from 1 – 12 months for some sites to see best results. Because every industry has a varied amount of competition in it’s market. That and Google doesn’t always work quickly, especially when it comes to indexing new websites.

Once the process does begin, though?

You’ll notice improvements fairly quickly. Possibly within a few weeks.

After this – particularly when you make it onto the first and second pages – things can get tougher and slower. Which means making it into the top 5, 3, or even the top spot itself can take longer.

In general, if you operate in a niche market? Or one without many competitors? Then the process of getting top results will happen much quicker. Conversely, if you operate in a saturated and densely populated market, then it will take longer for you to achieve the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

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