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Is it possible my site could be penalised in Google?

In recent years there’s been an alarming increase in the number of shady SEO methods being used by other agencies. Some of which are still being practiced today! Also known as ‘black hat’ tactics, these tactics are designed to trick Google – into unnaturally increasing the ranking of websites within search results.

Google is constantly evolving the way in which it ranks websites, as well as how it deals with these tactics. All in an effort to return the best, most relevant results for its users. As a result, these tactics might provide short-term gains, but in the long-term these results will be short lived.

These tactics often do more harm to your website that good.

But why? And how?

As Google consistently tries to display results which are meaningful to users. The search giant incorporates a number of signals to determine your website’s authority and relevancy to a search query. Watch out for companies / SEO providers who provide:

  • “Guaranteed rankings” within X time frame
    You can not guarantee search engine visibility. It’s not up to us – it’s up to Google. It also opens the door for quick and dirty tactics to help them achieve the results they promised, when actually, Google is just getting smarter about which websites deserve to be ranked and which ones do not.
  • Pay on performance
    This is again an invitation to do what “whatever” in order to produce quick results and receive payment for their services.

Instead we recommend a business which puts the longer term interests of your business, before their own.

At Found, we turn our back on Black Hat methods.

Not only are they counter-productive to creating a user-friendly, customer-centric business. They’re also highly ineffective at establishing your business within Google’s search results over a longer period.


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