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What are keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases that you type into a search engine – such as Google – when you’re searching for something online. It’s these keywords that Google uses to display and rank websites within its search results.

For example? If you type ‘hair care products’ into Google, then you’ll be given a list of websites that match that phrase.

The results that Google displays here aren’t random. Instead, Google examines a number of website factors – including keyword usage and inbound links – to determine which websites are displayed, and where.

By including keywords specific to your business, industry or niche within your website’s text, URLs, headings, and even Meta Descriptions, you’re better able to target the searchers your business wants to reach: searchers wanting to buy what you’re selling.

This is why effective keyword research is the foundation on which every other aspect of SEO is built.

Picking the right keywords to target for your industry, business or niche can mean the difference between success and failure for your businesses search engine presence.

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