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Will my sales definitely improve with SEO?

The simple answer? No.

SEO alone does not guarantee sales.

If you’re getting leads or sales through your website right now, then that lifts the probability of SEO working very well for your business.

SEO works to guide visitors to your site. And as those visitors most likely got there by searching for the products that you sell? They’re targeted and qualified leads, which means, they should be placing orders and increasing your sales.

Good SEO cannot, however, turn a bad business into a good one. We can guide users to your site, but we can’t make them buy anything.

NOTE: SEO is not our recommend choice for your investment if you have yet to make sales on your website and are not sure if your website does the job of selling effectively. There are faster ways to test if your website and business will work, like Google Adwords.

Struggling to make sales through your website?

There are a number of things to consider:

  • Your site might be poorly designed
    Design is a pivotal part of the online browsing experience. Poorly designed sites? They can turn potential customers away. Remember, e-commerce websites – and websites in general – should always be professional, slick, and easy to navigate.
  • Your prices may be heavily inflated
    This is the internet. A place where price comparisons are just a click away, and no one pays inflated prices. Why? Because they simply don’t have to.
  • Your products might not have a market
    Guiding visitors to your website is all well and good. But if all you have to offer them are inflatable back-scratchers and woollen g-strings? They’re probably not going to stick around.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

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Sustained business growth

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