Profitably increase sales revenue by up to 700% with a proven digital marketing strategy.

Gain profitable leads and sales with our find, engage, convert approach and our proprietary PathFinder methodology.

Our goals and strategies are simply to maximise the return on your digital marketing investment. Our clients partner with us because we:

  • Increase and significantly improve the flow of qualified leads
  • Reduce the cost of attaining new customers
  • Provide measurable digital marketing outcomes
  • Drive extraordinary returns on marketing investment
  • Speed up the sales process.

Our find, engage, convert approach includes three interconnected components that make up a successful digital marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimisation and paid search traffic are the best performing marketing channels for attracting proactive, ‘ready to buy’ customers. Using data analysis, evaluation and innovative thinking, we expand your customer universe.


Engagement is about claiming the attention of your customers and sustaining it all the way to the till. Ensuring that content aligns with your audiences needs and expectations, is paramount to moving people to the next step in their buying cycle.


If your site doesn’t convert well then you are wasting your lead generation investment. Smart clients discover that to maximise the effects of generating website traffic you need to ensure your website is well optimised for lead and sales generation.

Found has been instrumental in helping us gain a huge increase in targeted search engine traffic. This has seen sales growth exceed 700%.

Conrad Cranfield, Managing Director - Natureshop

Online Marketing Services

Our Find, Engage and Convert approach incorporates one or more strategies that deliver the extraodinary results we achieve for our clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

Leveraging search engine optimisation allows you to attract customers who are seeking what you offer through non-paid search engine results.

Paid Search / Google Ads

Paid search provides immediate results through search engine advertising, that encompasses all facets of ‘Pay-Per-Click and display search marketing.

Content Marketing

Aligned messaging and content marketing across all channels is critical for engagement & bringing qualified prospects through your digital funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Consistent website optimisation and tuning is imperative for turning visitors into paying customers and for improved sustainable conversion rates.

Why Digital Inbound Marketing?

Traditional methods of marketing like TV, radio and print advertising is expensive. It shouts largely at dis-interested audiences in the hope that someone is interested in what you offer. This type of marketing and advertising is less effective because it relies on an audience to react to your marketing efforts.

Inbound digital marketing is about attraction and is significantly more effective.


Because prospects are already looking for the products and services you offer, attraction or inbound marketing simply increases the number of qualified prospects who become your customers.

You could say that metaphorically, Found transforms your website into a hive, a well-designed intricate system to attract the most appropriate audience actively seeking what you offer.

Do you:

  • Want more sustainable results on your business marketing efforts?
  • Know your business’ website can perform better to attract, engage and convert leads into customers sustainably?
  • Need a more profitable return on your company marketing spend?

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Since Found coming on board then developing & implementing our SEO strategy, we have seen a significant lift in our search position, ultimiately improving ROI.

Andy Quayle, GM - NZCU Baywide