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5 Ways to promote your services with content that connects

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5 Ways to promote your services with content that connectsContent is your fast track to striking up conversations with customers that convert to leads, enquiries, and sales. Here’s how…

It’s a fact:

People do business with businesses they connect with.

As a business owner, building these connections with existing and potential customers is crucial to the ongoing success of your business.

In fact, it’s the best way to create sales and build ongoing customer loyalty and advocacy.

This is how…

Content is king…of the sales pitches

Content – whether it’s an article, a social media post, a newsletter, video, podcast or web site copy – creates that vital connection and builds that relationship with your customer.

That’s why content marketing is an integral part of any digital sales and marketing strategy.

At the end of the day, customers are more likely to buy from a company that they trust, that’s authentic and understands them.

Not sure how?

Don’t worry!

We’ve put together some ideas for connecting with your ideal customers via content:

1Show don’t sell

Content that shows and doesn't tellNo-one likes been sold to.

However, we do like to learn or be entertained.

How can your business use this to your advantage?

It’s easy!

Explore ways your content could add value to your customer without an overt sales pitch.

Some businesses already do this really well.

Think of the major home improvement hardware stores that provide a host of DIY videos.

These practical videos teach you step-by-step how to build a deck or demonstrate how to assemble a BBQ. There’s no pushy sales talk, just helpful advice using products from their store. A potential customer is likely to engage with this content, develop a positive perception of the company and be loyal to the company when they’re ready to buy.

From landscapers who showcase before and after photos to inspire potential customers; to accountancy firms providing webinars; to coaches sending out newsletters – there are numerous ways your content can add value without sounding salesy.

2Pay attention to your ‘About’ page

This innocuous page on your website deserves serious attention.

You can think of it like meeting someone for the first time.

You’re likely to shake hands, introduce yourself and then go on to share more about yourself.

The ‘About’ page is the online version of this transaction for your business, where you have the opportunity to introduce your business to a potential customer. This first impression is the perfect time to begin to build a customer’s confidence in your company.

So how can you build this trust?

Including the names, photos, and brief bios of your team is just one example.

This is especially important for employees that interact with customers.

Let the personality of your business shine through with your choice of photos, whether it’s a casual group photo for a media agency or formal individual photos for a law firm. And don’t forget the office dog!

If your business promises to be transparent and customer focused, back this up by including email addresses, phone numbers and even social media profile links for key staff.

A business that showcases its team, in all its diversity, is going to win the trust of a customer hands down over a business that doesn’t disclose even the name of its leader.



But don’t stop there.

Push on and share the background story of the business, how it all began and the journey you took to get where you are today. Use stories, images, infographics or video. Share future goals and the vision and purpose for the business so your customer can feel a real sense of what the company is all about and where you’re heading.

Stories are powerful ways to engage and connect with a customer.

3Tailor your content to your audience

Tailoring content to your audienceFocus your content around your customers, as opposed to what is trendy or gimmicky.

  • What are their needs? What problems do they want solved?
  • Do they prefer entertaining content over factual content?
  • Find out how they ‘digest’ content. Is your audience likely to watch a video, listen to a podcast, scroll through an Instagram photo or read a report or an article?
  • Determine where are they likely to hang out online so you can place your content on the best platform to reach your customer.
  • Ensure the ‘tone’ of your content is appropriate to your ideal customer. Using hip language to an audience of older professionals might not be fitting while dropping the corporate jargon could be suitable for all audiences.

When you understand your customer, you can create relevant content that they’re more likely to connect with.

4Shape the customer perception

Content is great for shaping your customers’ perception of your business.

Maybe you want to be perceived as the cheapest?

The industry leader?

Or the most reliable?

You can do all of this and more, simply by the content your create.

If you’re offering professional services, for example, you may want to be positioned as an authority. Your content would reflect this by including blog posts full of advice and tips.

Or maybe you’re an interior designer? In this case, you’d want to be perceived as creative and visually distinctive, so your content would largely comprise of imagery and video.

To further boost your reputation, be open and transparent.

Including ratings and testimonials as a part of your content offering is a great way to do this.

No matter what perception you’re trying to communicate, always remain positive and engaging. If you’re passionate about your products, services, and your business as a whole, so will your potential customers!

5Create authentic, meaningful content

Creating content that is authenticToday’s customers are media savvy.

They can sense phoniness a mile away.

A recent survey showed 8 out of 10 millennials have left a website because they were turned off by an ‘irrelevant or intrusive’ advertisement. Customers demand meaningful content.

When your content is genuine and created with the customer’s best interests at heart it is authentic. Listen to, and respect, your customers by being responsive when people ask a question or comment on your social media.

Authentic, meaningful content plays a big part in making a good impression.

It’s the best way to build a connection and relationship with your customer.

Connect through content

Offering your potential customers relevant, genuine content that provides solutions sans the hard sell will not only increase leads and sales, but also create loyal customer advocates.

If your business wants to create content that connects with your customers but need help from online experts, book an obligation free strategy session with the team at Found.