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Found help New Zealand business owners attract ready-to-buy audiences with Search Engine Optimisation

Did you know?

People who search for products and services online convert into customers at rate of up to 15%, compared to traditional marketing and advertising which can often be as low as 1-2%.

Found help NZ business owners achieve better results from their marketing investment by:

  • Providing a better rate of lead to customer conversion
  • Increasing the return on marketing spend and 
  • Lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works to drive ideal audiences to your website at a time they are ready to consume information or buy products and services from a vendor.

Because of the inbound nature of the interaction between a potential customer and your business, this makes SEO one of the highest converting online marketing initiatives.

In most cases, traditional marketing and many forms of online marketing (including Google Adwords) fail to provide a sustainable, ongoing return on your investment.

With SEO, results are sustainable and often enduring, even if you decide to reduce your commitment. This makes SEO one of the best marketing investments you can make for your business.

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Found – New Zealand SEO Specialists

With over 10 years of online marketing experience, we believe (hands-down) that SEO is the best investment a business can make. In this time, we’ve developed a proven methodology that delivers a sustainable increase in sales, revenue and profits for the businesses we work with.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services:

  • Will help more of your potential customers find your business when their actively searching for information, products or services you offer.
  • Will ensure your website and content marketing efforts are engaging visitors throughout the customer buying cycle.
  • Will align strategies to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Why work with Found?

  • Better return on marketing spend.
    We help business with an enduring ROI and a lower overall cost of customer acquisition through inbound lead generation.
  • We make your business, our business.
    We rely on happy customers, so we treat their business like it’s our business.
  • We earn online reputation for our clients, we don’t trick search engines.
    Our content marketing driven approach to SEO, means the results are earned. Tricking search engines is dangerous and short-lived and this is not our game.
  • We have 10 years of online marketing & SEO experience.
    We’ve helped award winning national and international businesses with increased sales, targeted website traffic growths of over 1000% and we have a reputation of success.

“Found have helped us grow our overall search traffic and optimise our website to attract more quantifiable prospects. Over the two years of working with Found, we have seen a 1,000% increase in search traffic.”

William Pryde - PowerbyProxi
William Pryde, Marketing Manager – PowerbyProxi, Auckland

“Robert of Found has been instrumental in helping Nature Shop gain a huge increase in targeted search engine traffic to our network of websites. This has seen our sales growth exceed 700% in the last year. ”

Conrad Cranfield (MD) – Nature Shop Ltd

We have a reputation of helping businesses increase sales by ensuring potential customers find their website when they search online.

Supporting Search Engine Optimisation services include:

  • Effective Keyword Research
    We find the keywords your customers are using to find your business, industry or niche. Targeting keywords that increase your visibility among potential customers.
  • Content Marketing & Promotion
    We increase visibility organically, by creating and then marketing your content to promote your business’s position as an industry leader.
  • Google AdWords Setup & Management
    Our ROI focused Google AdWords setup and management services maximise your return on investment.
  • Link Building & Acquisition
    We use strategic, sustainable White Hat link building methods that increase traffic, visibility, and your business’s reputation.
  • Usability & Conversion Optimisation
    Embodying design is a crucial component of the SEO and conversion process, we analyse, test and improve your website’s design, usability, improving the customer experience and converting more views into sales.
  • Google Analytics & Data Analysis
    Utilising data metrics captured by Google Analytics we’re able to analyse how people are behaving on your website and strategically improve it.

How can we help with Search Engine Optimisation?

Whether you’re Tauranga, New Zealand or internationally based, our inbound, search and content marketing solutions plot the quickest, most convenient path to growing your business online, locally, nationally and globally.

We provide a partnership with our customers through our specialised inbound marketing services. Campaigns are carefully thought out to ensure  your customers find your business. Our focus? To gain visibility in Google search, engage visitors and increase your business sales.

Our SEO framework have helped grow client businesses by 30% – 100% and deliver over 1000% increases in additional search traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

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What is involved in our Search Engine Optimisation Process?

The overall success of every search marketing campaign is reliant on the strategic execution of each individual SEO task. That’s why Found’s SEO processes are executed in two distinct phases: ‘On Page‘ and ‘Off Page‘ optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation Process

1On Page Optimisation

On Page Optimisation forms the basis of all of our client’s SEO campaigns. Through this initial process of research, analysis and optimisation, we ensure your website and keywords are helping – rather than hindering – your online visibility.

Website / Industry Analysis

The very first step of any online marketing campaign is an analysis of your website and industry to identify demand and current website performance.

An in-depth analysis of:

  • Technical website elements
  • Your industry’s most lucrative keywords and search terms
  • Current website’s design and  optimisation
  • Backlinks and external ranking factors

Our findings will be compiled into a document and highlight a clear plan for further efforts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing & Promotion.

Technical Optimisation

The design of your website is at the forefront of Found’s SEO process. Through technical optimisation we ensure your website and its content meets quality design standards. Maximising its accessibility not just for visitors but for search engines too.

Some of the technical issues we deal with include:

  • Eliminating duplicate content.
  • Ensuring 301 redirects and canonical website addresses are defined.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Do you know what people are searching for in your industry? When you hire Found, we make it our business to know. Researching all possible keywords that people may be using to find the products and / or services that your provide.

We compile these into a list of keywords that are not only relevant, but highly searched: keywords that will guide people searching online to your website, and convert those visitors into business.

Web page Optimisation

Your page copy and content, as well as webpage elements such as headings, images and social signals can all be leveraged to improve results. By analysing and systematically optimising these elements, we maximise your online visibility.

Kickstart your journey to getting found online with our 17 step guide to search engine optimisation (+ Instant Download)

2Off Page Optimisation

Off Page optimisation is where we truly distinguish your business from the competition. Delivered in a monthly package that’s designed to further increase your search engine visibility by building your website’s authority on an ongoing basis.

Competitive Strategy Development

Keyword research complete, we develop a strategy centered around how these can best be used to improve your search engine position. Working with you to plot out the process of optimising your website, and implementing a strategy that will put you on the path to outranking your industry’s competitors.

Content Building & Marketing

A cornerstone of every competitive SEO strategy, the power of quality, well-marketed content can’t be overstated. Collaborating with you, we create content strategically built around your keywords: content that is interesting for visitors, and optimised for search engines too.

Content that will increase your search engine position and drive traffic to your website.

Tapping into the social sharing mindset, we also market your content through our content marketing methodology and ensure it’s seen, read and shared. Vital to increasing your visibility and reputation within your industry.

Link Acquisition, Prospecting & Outreach

In competitive industries, links make the biggest difference.

For search engines like Google, this is how they determine which websites people like in your industry or niche. This part of the SEO process is the most time consuming. Why? Because to ensure long-term success, these links need to be implemented naturally and steadily over time. Effective link building, through content promotion methodologies should become a cornerstone online marketing strategy for your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Our commitment to transparent reporting sees us providing you with clear monthly reports. Demonstrating our ongoing support and the progress we’re making on the path to getting your business found online. Facilitating your ability to make decisions about your business.

Analysis and reports include:

  • Organic search engine traffic reports.
  • Your position in Google’s search results.
  • How the SEO service has helped your business.
  • Recommendations and plans.

Note: It’s important to note that while Search Engine Optimisation is very targeted and highly effective sales tool, top results in SEO can take anywhere from 3 months to 24 months depending on a number of factors.

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Client Testimonials

“Found have been fantastic at developing our SEO and providing us with sustained growth in a very competitive market, managing to get us into the top 3 Google positions for our industry. We found Robert to be highly professional and great to deal with. He challenged us when necessary and displayed a great knowledge of SEO in general.”

Chris Cameron, CMO – NZ Tax Refunds

Lisa Ebbing - Hotmilk Lingerie

“Robert from Found has been managing our SEO and Adwords strategy for the past 24 months. In this time he helped us split our website in four regional websites and implemented an international SEO strategy targeting four key regions. We’ve seen monthly revenue from sales increase by well over 100%.

Lisa Ebbing, Director – Hotmilk Lingerie

Mike Taylor

“Robert and his team have been fantastic for us with their SEO work. His communication is excellent and I have total trust in his abilities and strategies. With so much miss information and horror stories out there, it is nice to find someone who is able to help you through all that and deliver results.”

Mike Taylor, CEO – BBT Digital

Start attracting purchase-ready customers today.

“Found has been fantastic at developing our SEO and providing us with sustained growth in a very competitive market, managing to get us into the top 3 Google positions for our industry”.

- Chris Cameron, CMO -  NZ Tax Refunds

“Robert from Found has been instrumental in helping Nature Shop gain a huge increase in targeted search engine traffic. This has seen our sales growth exceed 700% in the last year”.

- Conrad Cranfield, Director -  Nature Shop

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