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Content and the Sales Funnel: How to Improve Your Content to Boost Conversions

Published in Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Conversion rate and sales funnel

There’s something you need to know:

Good marketing is no accident.

To create a demand for a product or service, you need to tap into your target consumer and keep in mind that, at any stage, they are in the sales funnel.

With a web-fueled environment as a backdrop, the battle between marketers takes good marketing to a whole new level.

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7 Reasons Why Content Marketing Isn’t Working For You PLUS Quick Fixes

Published in Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing strategies

Okay, so here’s the thing:

Nowadays, content marketing is something that literally everyone is doing, from 93% of B2Bs through to some 94% of small businesses.

Is there any wonder that the phrase you’ve heard a million times over is just as relevant today as it was back in the day when it initially became popular?

“Content is king!”

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8 Simple Tactics For Boosting Your SEO With Visual Content

Published in Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

8 Simple Tactics For Boosting Your SEO With Visual Content

Are you on a content marketing journey for your website?

If so, then you already realise the important role that visual content plays in SEO. While text-based content is an integral part of marketing today, incorporating visual content helps set you apart from everyone else.

How so?

Consider this:

90% of the information that goes to the brain is visual, and 65% of people are visual learners.

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Digital Marketing vs Television: 5 Stats That’ll REALLY Surprise You

Published in Content Marketing, Google Adwords, Paid Search, Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

TV vs Digital Marketing

It’s 2017. There’s a smartphone in the pocket of (almost) every one of your customers, you can track your sales via your smart watch, and users perform some 3.5 billion Google searches every day.

Despite this, many businesses just like yours still rely on those tried-and-true stalwarts of the marketing world like Radio, Mail and Television to reach your increasingly-connected audience.

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Google Search Console: Tracking Your Website’s Success In 2017

Published in Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Tools

Google Search Console

In our last post about Google Analytics I asked:

How effective a sales tool is your website?

Now, it’s time to follow up with another that’s just as important:

How well is your website performing in Google?

You see, data on site traffic and conversions is great and all, but it’s only really useful if you have traffic and views to measure in the first place.  

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Google Analytics: How To Measure & Track Your Website’s Success In 2017

Published in Analytics, E-Commerce

Here’s a question for you:

How effective a sales tool is your website?

It’s an easy question to ask, but it isn’t always an easy one to answer.

Measuring the effectiveness of your company? Well, you know how to do that. From tracking Return on Investment (ROI) to monitoring profit margins, you have systems in place that track all of these metrics.

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E-Commerce / Website SEO Tools & Plugins: 35 (mostly free) Utilities For Optimising Your Website

Published in E-Commerce, Keyword Research, On Page Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Tools, SEO Training

e-commerce tools

Updated October 2017

In our last post, we explored 11 ways to quickly and easily SEO your e-commerce website.

This week? We’re taking a look at the best (mostly free) tools, plugins and services that you can use to do just this!

Here’s why:

While you now know the steps required to optimise your online website or shop, finding the right tool for the job can often prove frustrating and time consuming:

What is the best tool for the job?

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E-Commerce SEO: 11 Point Checklist For Optimising Your Online Shop

Published in On Page Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Training

E-Commerce SEO

If your online store is struggling to gain traffic and sales, then this is the post for you.

Sure, you may not face the same hassles as a retail store owner – who has time for all that dusting? – but running an online store presents unique challenge of its own.

Yet like any retailer, a well-structured online store that is highly visible and makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for is critical to your success.

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SEO for Startups: 3 Strategies & Tools to Help With Market Validation & Opportunity

Published in Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Tools

SEO for Startups

So, you have an idea for a new business.

In fact, it’s more than just an idea: it’s become an obsession.

Now all that’s required is the time and money to transform this idea into a reality, right?

Think again.

Before you consider risking it all, instead consider the following questions:

Is there a large enough market for the products or services you plan to offer?

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Business Blogging: 9 Ways To Re-Energise Your Content Marketing

Published in Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Business Blogging

First things first. Why blogging?

When it comes to effective, long term success with search engine optimisation, there’s just no denying it:

Content is king.

So if you’re serious about long term SEO results? You can no longer afford to trick search engines, as they’re placing more and more weight on the social interactions with your content receives.

That’s why we suggest a strong focus on content marketing for successful SEO, online engagement with your audience and demonstrating your expertise.

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