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3 Reasons Content Marketing vs SEO isn’t the question you should be asking

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Content Marketing vs SEO

Pitting Content Marketing against Search Engine Optimisation is a loss for all involved, especially your business. Here’s why…

Have you heard the news?

SEO is dead.

Long live SEO!

Content is the new king…

…or so the headlines would have you believe.

Today I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the … Continue Reading

[Free] The Mini SEO Guide For Auckland Businesses

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Auckland SEO Guide

Finding information on SEO?

It’s never been easier!

Effectively applying this wealth of information, in a way that will best increase the visibility of your Auckland business?

That’s far more difficult.

Until now!

Today we’re exploring five simple steps any Auckland business (or businesses outside of Auckland too) can take to increase their visibility within search engines.

Ready to start … Continue Reading

4 DIY Link Building / SEO Opportunities for In-house Marketers

Brian Dean ByBrian Dean | Link Building, Search Engine Optimisation

Link Building Tips

Let’s face it: as a small business owner, ranking in Google can be a really hard task.

First you need to deal with the fact that because you are a smaller business, you are very likely not getting the influx of attention that larger, more established businesses are getting. Furthermore, you have bigger businesses finally catching on to the SEO … Continue Reading

What Are BackLinks? How Can Back Links Improve Your Google Rank?

Robert Kramers ByRobert Kramers | Link Building, Search Engine Optimisation

Firstly, What are Back Links?

A back link (or “inbound link”) is any hyperlink coming back to your website.

From the Google Search Engine’s point of view, each backlink scores a point for your website.  In effect it is saying “this website is worth a visit, go and check it out!”.  After-all, the internet is built on hyperlinks.

The more … Continue Reading