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[2019 Update] NZ Business Directories: List of ALL & Mostly Free New Zealand Online Directories

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Today we were asked for our list of the best free online New Zealand business directories.

First up? There’s something you should know about free online directories: yes, they may provide a free link back to your website, which can help with search engine opimisation. But they can still cost you the most precious resource of all.


You …

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Google Search Console: Tracking Your Website’s Success

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Google Search Console: How to track your site's success this year!In our last post about Google Analytics I asked:

How effective a sales tool is your website?

Now, it’s time to follow up with another that’s just as important:

How well is your website performing in Google?

You see, data on site traffic and conversions is great and all, but it’s only really useful if you have traffic and views

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[2019 Update] SEO Tools & Plugins: 36 (mostly free) Utilities For Optimising Your Website

By E-Commerce, Keyword Research, On Page Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Tools, SEO Training 6 Comments

36 (mostly free) utilities for optimising your website!Updated January 2019

In our last post, we explored 11 ways to quickly and easily SEO your e-commerce website.

This week? We’re taking a look at the best (mostly free) tools, plugins and services that you can use to do just this!

Here’s why:

While you now know the steps required to optimise your online website or shop, finding the …

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SEO for Startups: 3 Strategies & Tools to Help With Market Validation & Opportunity

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3 Strategies to help with market validation and opportunitySo, you have an idea for a new business.

In fact, it’s more than just an idea: it’s become an obsession.

Now all that’s required is the time and money to transform this idea into a reality, right?

Think again.

Before you consider risking it all, instead consider the following questions:

  • Is there a large enough market for the products
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5 Reasons To Be Weary About Link Building Offers

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5 Reasons you should be weary about link building offersYou probably already know that, generally speaking, the more quality links there are back to your website, the better your Google rankings will be.

First, what do I mean by “quality”?

3 basic attributes of “quality” websites include:

  1. Have content that is very useful to people
  2. Well established in a well defined or uncontested niche with lots of web traffic
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What Does GoogleBot See? How Google Reads The Content of Your Website And How You Can Use That to Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation

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How you can use GoogleBot to improve your SEODid you know that Google’s robot crawler can pretty much only read text?

It doesn’t see your pretty images, or flash, or javascript.

It only sees text.

Google has just added a new feature to Webmaster Tools that shows you exactly what GoogleBot sees.

To use Webmaster Tools you will need to sign up, and verify you own your website.…

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Think you know the rank for your website in Google? No you don’t

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Your site's Google rankingSeems pretty easy to check doesn’t it? Just type in the keywords you rank well for, and there is your website near the top of the results…

Actually that’s not your true ranking at all!

Check again using a friends computer and you’ll get a very different result.

This can be embarrassing. I did this many times at a friends …

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