Health Check: Revitalise Your Business Website In 6 Steps

By July 30, 2020 November 6th, 2020 2 Comments
Health Check: Revitalise Your Business Website In 6 Steps

Dust off the world wide cobwebs and start driving traffic, leads, and sales through your website with our quick-start guide to getting (re)started online.

It’s safe to say recent events continue to drive more people online.

In fact, global web traffic has grown by 10.2% since January.

A lot of businesses have followed suit, only…

…many have been shocked at what they’ve found.

Whether you’re a medium-to-large business that developed a website a few years back because you felt you ‘had to’, or a small business that hasn’t had the time to keep up, countless websites have been left to gather dust.

So whether your website’s stagnated, outdated, or just showing its age, today we’re taking a look at some quick and easy ways to transform it into an effective sales tool at a time when you need it the most!

Let’s get started.

At a glance…

Digital is the way forward, and you’ve got to move with it

It’s a difficult time for businesses right now.

You want to get the most out of every dollar spent. You want to see measurable results from the money you forked out on marketing. Digital remains one of the best marketing channels thanks to its:

  • A higher return on investment
  • The ability to track and measure results
  • You can easily benchmark the exact results of every dollar spent

So, what does this mean in practical terms?

As digital continues to be the primary channel between businesses and consumers outside of the odd supermarket visit, it just further highlights a trend that’s been happening in this space for years:

Traditional channels are declining

…but digital is growing.

In the wake of recent events, businesses that had already embraced digital channels were able to adapt. Even if they couldn’t make immediate sales. They could connect with consumers, remain relevant, as well as keep cash flow up with ingenious ideas such as ship later sales and vouchers.

A website isn’t just a bonus, it’s fast becoming vital for long-term survivability.

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Why not all websites are created equal

The story I’m about to share happened a few years ago…

…but it’s indicative of how most businesses still treat their websites.

While I was at a local business event, I asked someone what their website was.

You’ll never guess the reply:

They handed me a business card.

These days websites are more than just a digital brochure, a point of contact, or a ‘nice to have’. They’re a powerful marketing tool for driving traffic, leads, and sales!…

…that for many businesses has been left to gather dust for far too long.

1Fix tech issues with a professional technical audit

First things first…

…how well does your website work?

Technical issues are frustrating. The last thing you want is for your website to be turning potential customers away and over to your competitors due to easily avoidable issues.

Your website performance, speed, and functionality relies on its technical ability. Think of a technical audit as an evaluation of issues that need to be resolved to boost your site up the ranks of SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

2Revisit your keywords

Use free keyword research tools to search popular key phrases relating to your services that your audience is searching for right now. Research key phrases as though you are the customer.

What does your audience intend to find in search?

Your audience wants to find a business that will provide the best service. Do your keywords and on-site optimisations reflect that you’re the one they’re looking for?

3Add online sales facilities to increase your website’s functionality

Online shopping and sales are on the rise…

…in fact online reservations, gift cards, and even ‘Buy Now, Use Later’ vouchers became a great way for even traditional, brick-and-mortar stores to maintain cash-flow in recent months.

So look into adding an online payment facility if you want to sell online. Add a booking facility to make it easy for your customers to schedule time with you if your service requires appointments.

Oh, and add a contact form so customers can connect with you quickly!

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4Offer promotions and incentives

Promotions and incentives will show that you’re in touch with the current economic environment and ensure your customers can still enjoy your services.

Discounted rates and other promotional deals will bring you closer to your audience and show that you understand what’s going on out there.

Here’s an idea…

If you decide to offer free shipping, discounts, or other money-saving offers, remember to add them to your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions! It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and invite people to click.

5Refresh your website’s content

Take this opportunity to optimise your content. Think of how you can use your website to promote your business as the credible, flexible, and helpful service your audience needs right now.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Promote services unique to the current environment – i.e. contactless delivery, phone consultations.
  • Check your messaging – ensure images and content tone are on-point with what your audience wants to see and hear right now.
  • Make sure any call to actions (CTAs) and FAQs reflect your audience’s pain points and how you can resolve them.

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6Get busy on social media

A quick and easy way to send people to your website (once it’s worth promoting, of course) is to get active on social media. We know social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for businesses that want to remain relevant, it’s necessary.

Welcome to the digital world

Don’t miss the opportunities that a good website can bring to your business. If you’re struggling to imagine business growth in the current climate, it’s possible. Your website is the perfect place to start!

What to do next…

Are you looking to start clearing out your website’s cobwebs? Continue your journey with any number of our guides, or get in touch and discover how Found can help get your business (re)started online.